Can You Answer Calls on Fitbit? – [Detailed Guide & Steps]

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The answer to the question, can you answer calls on Fitbit is certainly yes. Indeed, Fitbit is well-known for making fitness trackers, smartwatches with so many features, including various activities while sleeping and awakening.

Fitness tracking and health activities Fitbit trackers and smartwatches come with the facility of answering or declining that take place in your iPhone or Android phone. You cannot only decline or receive calls with the help of your Fitbit devices. But also you can talk to other people on the smartwatch.

You will be surprised to get the very nice and positive results of phone calls on the Fitbit tracker and smartwatches. What are the excellent and attractive features concerning the calls? Let us know all these characteristics by diving here.

Can You Answer Calls On Fitbit

As we have said earlier that Fitbit can answer the receiving calls very nicely. To answer the calls, we will have to go through the following important and unique points and steps.

Steps To Ensure Notifications of Call Are Turned On Completely

Step 1:

First of all, you require ensuring that the notification of your call on your Fitbit device is turned on. For this purpose, you will have to locate the Fitbit app on your android device, iPhone, or iPad. The latest devices of the Fitbit come with the facility of launching the app on the screen.

Step 2:

After going through the above step, you should go to the top left corner of your device’s screen and press your picture located in your profile. By tapping the profile picture, you will notice that the account screen is displaying position.

Step 3:

Then press your Fitbit device in the menu of the other attached devices. Here you will see the screen giving all the pieces of information appearing on the Fitbit device.

Step 4:

In this step, you will see a list of available choices on the lower part of this screen. On reaching this part at the screen, including various options, you will have to tap the choice of notifications in the given list.

Step 5:

Press to fix the switch to the right corner of the calls to make them on. No doubt, you will be able to receive the notifications on any Fitbit device automatically. You will see this action whenever you receive a call on your available and connected device.

How To Answer A Phone Call On Android Or iPhone By FitbitVersa 2

Now let us go to the points where you will learn to answer a phone call on your connected Android device or iPhone while using Fitbit devices.

When your device’s notifications are turned on, you will see that Fitbit versa 2 comes in a vibrating position. Here you will also see the incoming calls alert on your screen, including the name of the caller or any other assigned symbol or just the phone number.

Answer Calls On Fitbit Versa 2

Then you will have to press the green phone icon by going to the lower right corner of the Fitbit versa display to receive the call on your android device or iPhone. When you have gone through this process, the call will surely get the answer on your phone.

On the other hand, if you do not wish to answer the call, you can allow the call ring to go to your voice mailbox. Moreover, you can also avail yourself the choice of taping the red phone icon, including a line in the top right corner of the versa 2 displays to transfer the call to voice mail.

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Answering Phone Calls on Fitbit Versa 3 And Sense

Fitbit versa 3 is another smartwatch that is a very unique and latest variety that comes with the matchless ability to answer phone calls. No doubt, the connected Smartphone is available with the choices of answering or declining the coming calls nicely.

Best of all, the sensing device is available with extra and more features as compared to the versa device. The above-stated point may be used and applied for both the smartwatches in the coming days with the updated and latest software.

After updating the future software, you will see a remarkable feature available for making the connection of your device with the surrounding phone. For this purpose, you will also need a Bluetooth headset that is very useful.

To receive and send calls two-person must have the facility of the smartwatches. In this way, you will be able to have called on your available watch with the other person by using a microphone and speaker. We are waiting for the feature that is useful and available for working on apple devices and android.

Answering Phone Calls on The Fitbit Versa 2

So far as answering and receiving phone calls on the Fitbit versa 2 is concerned, it is not useful in this connection. You cannot answer your call on versa 2 despite having a microphone facility. The users who are non-IOS can avail themselves of the facility of answering the messages in the form of voice on an android device.

Undoubtedly, the Fitbit versa 2 is a very low-priced item. You can easily purchase this device because it is a very useful and good smartwatch. You can get all other benefits concerning your fitness activities while doing various actions.

Samsung, Huawei, and apple provide a special type of LTE SIM and with so many calling characteristics on their smartwatches. Fitbit did not provide the facility of a microphone on the versa 2 to avail the opportunity of answering calls.

The Conclusion

To sum up, we have stated so many features of Fitbit devices which can easily prove that you can answer the calls coming from the various phones. We have also discussed some particular steps that will help you in understanding the ways of answering phone calls.

Fitbit versa 2 and Fitbit versa 3 are special Fitbitsmartwatches that play a very key and unique role in accepting and rejecting phone calls. You can buy these watches without any hesitation to enjoy your calls. For more detail, you can consult our comments section.

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