Best Cheap Fitness Tracker Under $50 Reviews – Buying Guide

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Now you can have the best fitness tracker under $50 to stay active and healthy. However, the top-notch brands of fitness trackers are offering the same features that you can find at an affordable price. So don’t spend extra money on having the basic features of a tracker such as sleep monitor, calorie counter, heart rate monitor, step counter, and much more.

While exercising, it is not easy to remember how much distance is covered or how many steps are taking in a day. You will also have the notification reminders with the trackers as a motivator to complete the daily goals.

Our Top 3 Picks For You

  1. YAMAY Fitness Tracker Smart Watch ( Most Popular And Best-Selling ) 
  2. Amazfit 5 Fitness Tracker ( Our Recommended )
  3. CanMixs Waterproof Smartwatch (Best For Women)

After reviewing several trackers, we chose the 5 valuable options. Our guide will let you know about the trackers’ essential features, including their design, battery life, health, and other tracking abilities. Moreover, we’ll help you select the tracker with ease by overviewing its decent and ruthless facts.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive into our tested reviews and top-picks expert’s guide.

Top Best Fitness Tracker Under $50 in 2021

Yamay Fitness Tracker [usr 4.5 text="false" tooltip="true"] Check Price
Amazfit Band Fitness Tracker 5 [usr 4.5 text="false" tooltip="true"] Check Price
Canmis Smartwatch [usr 4.0 text="false" tooltip="true"] Check Price
Dsmart Fitness Tracker [usr 4.0 text="false" tooltip="true"] Check Price
Halfsun Fitness Tracker [usr 4.0 text="false" tooltip="true"] Check Price

1. Yamay Fitness Tracker – Best Choice Overall

Our top pick is from the yamay fitness tracker brand. It comes with a 3D curved design with a touchscreen interface. Likewise, you will have an outer metal structure, which makes it durable.

Yamay Fitness Tracker

In addition, it has a customizable watch face and a broad connectivity range for iOS and Android phones. You will also receive notifications from social media apps, including Twitter, WhatsApp, FB, and many more. As well, if you want to monitor the heart rate, then yamay is the best choice. It will help you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The yamay cheap fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor has a decent design and a round dial. The silicone rubber band and a button on the side, and a bright screen display with touch features come with the silicone rubber band. Moreover, you will have various exercising modes, including indoor and outdoor monitoring. For instance, it has running, cycling, swimming, skipping, tennis, basketball, and various sports activities monitor.

The battery life of yamay is 7days, and it has a standby time of 30 days. You will have a magnetic charging cable, and it has a quick charging method.

  • Accurate sleep status
  • Waterproof rating
  • Wide compatibility with iOS and Android devices
  • Fewer color options

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2. Amazfit Band Fitness Tracker 5 – Best Built-In Voice Assistant

The amazfit fitness tracker is offering incredible specs under $50. You will have a built-in Alexa, and it will allow you to set the timer for doing the workout. The sedentary alerts will tell you to complete the daily activities.

Amazfit Band Fitness Tracker 5 review

More than that, it has a blood oxygen saturation monitor. You’ll have a better understanding of your physical state. Plus, it will show the oxygen beats and intensity workout monitor. For sure, it is the best fitness tracker under $50 for women because of the women’s period tracking feature.

This design of the amazfit tracker is simple yet comfortable for the user to wear all day. Besides, this tracker has the rubber material of the band and your colored touchscreen. This fitness tracker has a bright display, and you can see the stats in sunlight easily.

The tracker comes with a 24/7 heart rate monitor and sleep tracker. It will show how much sleep you had last night. It will also show the all-day heart rate tracking, including the distance covered, calorie counter, and much more. The battery life of amazfit is 14 days, and it has a convenient charging method. You will have quick charging in one hour.

  • Long battery life and 24/7 heart rate tracking
  • Women health tracking
  • Blood oxygen level monitor
  • Long standby time
  • It is not waterproof completely.

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3. Canmis Smartwatch – Best Blood Oxygen And Sleep Monitor

Were you finding a fancy fitness tracker at an affordable price? Well, then canmiss is the best choice. It comes with a step counter, calorie tracker, sleep monitor, and blood pressure monitor. You will have various sports modes, including running, cycling, swimming, basketball, and much more.

In fact, it has a convenient connecting method with a smartphone. You will have a real-time pace monitor. In addition, the tracker is completely waterproof, and it will record the data. As well, you will have the 1P67 waterproof rating. Not only that, it has a smart notification reminder.

Canmis Smartwatch

And that’s not all; it will show the notification from the social media apps, including Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, and other apps. Moreover, you can check the weather from the smartwatch, and it has a brightness adjustment level. Furthermore, the compatibility of this tracker is wide. It will work with iOS and all android phones.

This tracker is attractive, and you will get an extra strap with the tracker as well. The chain strap can be worn casually. In addition, it has a 1.4 inches color screen with a bright resolution. You will have the brightness adjustable modes. It comes with a health and heart rate monitor. You will have a blood pressure monitor, and it will show the oxygen levels as well. You will have a real-time direct, smartphone connection. And that’s not all; it has the best features for monitoring sleep and other all-day activities.

The battery life of the canmis is long, and it will last up to 10 days. However, the battery timing will vary if you are using all the modes of the tracker. It has a 180 mAh battery.

  • Wide compatibility
  • Convenient to use
  • Widescreen and bright display
  • The strap is not comfortable.

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4. Dsmart Fitness Tracker – Best Step Counter Pedometer

This smart fitness tracker is lightweight and convenient to wear. You will have an advanced heart rate monitor, and it will provide several other tracking features such as the temperature monitor, step counter, calorie counter, and more.

Dsmart Fitness Tracker

The innovative monitor comes with a biosensor to monitor the skin temperature. You can calculate the temperature easily, and you will know the blood oxygen level as well. Furthermore, it has multifunctional technology. You will receive calls, SMS, and other notifications. Additionally, it will provide a countdown, stopwatch, and other smartwatch features.

It comes with a 1.14 inches IPS screen display, and you will have an optimistic view for checking the workout routine. It has a black comfortable strap material of rubber. The band is skin-friendly.

The tracker has 6 reliable workout modes, and you will have 24/7 activity tracking. Additionally, it will count the calories, distance, steps, and much more. Best of all, it has running, walking, as well as cycling mode. You can use the GPS mode from the app to connect it with your phone. And the best part? You will have the PPG sensors, and it has real-time detection for monitoring all the activities.

Indeed, it is the best fitness tracker under $50 with a battery life of a dsmart watch is 7 to 21 days, and it is great for all beginner smartwatch users.

  • Multifunctional watch
  • Innovative skin and body temperature monitor
  • Best 24/7 activity tracker
  • GPS uses a lot of battery

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5. Halfsun Fitness Tracker – Best All-Day Tracking Feature

If you want the best all-day activity tracking watch, then halfsun is the best option to buy. It comes with various tracking features, including a calorie counter, steps, and distance monitor. Best of all, you will have all the reports of the activities in the app.

Halfsun Fitness Tracker

Additionally, this tracker has an H band, and you will know the blood pressure. The data will be updated on the device after every 24 hours. Best of all, you will have the get-up alarm, and it will show the 24 hours activities you did in a day.

And that’s not all; this halfsun fitness tracker comes with sedentary alerts. You will be completing the activities in the required time frame. Best of all, it will show the SMS alerts, and you will receive the calls on the tracker as well.

The design of the halfsun tracker is reliable, and it has a bright touchscreen display. You will have a screen of 1.3 inches. Besides, it has an IPS display, and you will have pleasant usage with the high-definition image. This tracker is very friendly, and you will have a comfortable strap. However, the tracker is heavier than others.

This fitness tracker comes with several sports modes, including the calorie counter, call alert, alarm feature, turn and twist photo-taking mode, and GPS mode. The tracker will show the statistics on your phone for showing the distance, and it will show your workout in the form of a graph so you can monitor the progress easily.

HalfSun Fitness Tracker review

The battery life of halfsun is 7 days, and you will have reliable battery life in the GPS mode as well. Not only that, it has 8 days standby time. You can use all the 13 modes in the battery timing of seven days.

  • Several sports modes
  • Sleep quality tracker
  • All-day activity tracker
  • Widescreen

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Frequently Asked Question’s

Is A Budget Fitness Tracker Worth Purchasing?

A budget fitness tracker is definitely worth buying because you’ll be able to keep your health tracked. In fact, your lifestyle will be better, and you can easily monitor your heart rate. Moreover, a fitness tracker at an affordable price will offer all the basic features that are needed for tracking health. Best of all, you will be motivated to complete the goals.

Which Is The Best Feature In A Fitness Tracker?

The best feature in a fitness tracker is the step counter and calorie counter. Especially if you want to lose weight and keep a check on your calories, then a fitness tracker will surely help. You will know how much time you stayed active in a day and how you can reduce weight in less time.

Which Are The Best Fitness Trackers 2021?

The best fitness tracker under 50 are the following:

  • Yamay Fitness Tracker – Best Choice Overall
  • Amazfit Band Fitness Tracker 5 – Best Built-In Voice Assistant
  • Canmis Smartwatch – Best Blood Oxygen And Sleep Monitor
  • Dsmart Fitness Tracker – Best Step Counter Pedometer

Which Is The Most Cheap Fitness Tracker For Women?

The cheapest and reliable fitness tracker for women is the yamay smartwatch. This watch is waterproof, and it has several incredible specs, including a step counter, calorie tracker, heart rate monitor, and much more. You will have a comfortable strap that is wearable for a long time.

Can I Use A Fitness Tracker For Sending Messages Without Using Phone?

Yes, you can use a fitness tracker for sending messages without using a phone. Some of the trackers will also provide the option of attending and rejecting calls. You will be receiving notifications from social media apps as well.

To Sum Up

All being well, now you can buy a good fitness tracker under $50. A tracker will do it for you whether you want to keep your health tracked or you need to monitor the steps. Moreover, it is not crucial to invest hundreds of bucks if you need a high-quality fitness tracker with reliable specs.

Some of the most inexpensive fitness trackers in our review offer a variety of features with accurate tracking. Now you have to decide between these five stunning options for monitoring your health.

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