Best Fitness Tracker Without Bluetooth in 2021 (Expert’s Reviews & Guide)

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Having the best fitness tracker without Bluetooth will offer several benefits. The fitness freaks will love these trackers that monitor several activities. Also, you can observe the blood pressure and track sleep as well. It is one of the most innovative gears for sports athletes.

However, this fitness gadget will monitor the heartbeat. And it motivates you to work out every day.

We have shortlisted the best fitness trackers without Bluetooth that will accurately count the steps. And it will save the data for the progress as well. Also, these trackers are budget-friendly and are simple to use. There are several non-Bluetooth fitness trackers in the market, and you might get tangled to pick one. For your ease, we have the best trackers that don’t have built-in Bluetooth. Simply scroll down to find the best fitness tracker.

Top Best Fitness Tracker Without Bluetooth in 2021

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1. Ozo Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer

Our top pick is the ozo fitness SC2 digital pedometer. And it will count the steps after you have taken fifteen steps. Also, you will be completing the goals with the ozo efficiently. It will show you the progress, and you can count the calories of every day as well.

Moreover, it has an atri-sensor that will measure the distance. Also, you will know the heart rate and blood pressure level as well. This tracker will keep the user aware of the daily physical activities.

Ozo Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer

Many fitness trackers are challenging to operate, but ozo is simple. And you will have the customer care services with ozo as well.

It is the best fitness tracker without Bluetooth. And you can monitor the sleep quality with ozo. Also, you will know at what time you woke up at night.

Ozo Fitness SC2 review

Lastly, this fitness tracker has an LCD that is comfortable to check all the details. And you can choose the other modes as well. Also, it has bigger buttons for smooth operation. It is the best fitness tracker that doesn’t require a smartphone or computer.

  • Smart fitness tracker to monitor several activities
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to function
  • Large display
  • Ideal for gifting to elders
  • No cons as such

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2. Ozo Fitness SC1

Next, we have another fitness tracker by ozo. It is very calm to use, and you don’t need to make any changes to it. Also, you will have a 3D tracker to count the steps accurately. Plus, this tracker is easy for anyone to operate. It doesn’t require any setup.

Ozo Fitness SC1

And the good news? This tracker has a large display to view the activities. Also, you can easily carry the device in pocket and bag. Plus, you will have an affordable tracker that will measure burnt calories as well. Also, this tracker has a one-button operation. And you can buy this tracker for the older adults and kids.

Other than that, this tracker is ideal for gifting. Also, the ozo is lightweight, and you can carry it in the pocket as well.

Lastly, the battery life of ozo is impressive, and it will automatically turn to power-saving mode. And it will save the battery when it is not in practice.

  • Large display screen
  • The battery is installed in it
  • Tracks physical activities
  • Easy to use
  • No wrist band

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3. Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Regular Fit

Next, we have the Garmin vivosmart HR activity regular fit that will display the achievements on the screen. Also, you will have the check on several fitness activities. Also, you will know if you have reached the goals or not.

Other than that, Garmin is a famous company of fitness trackers, and you will get this watch full of features. Also, it will count the daily steps, as well as the calories. Plus, you can wear Garmin all day because it is lightweight.

Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Regular Fit

Nevertheless, the Garmin fitness tracker will alert you to complete the daily goals. And you can monitor the heartbeat with it. Also, you will have a wrist band that is convenient as well as comfortable. Plus, you can receive several other notifications with this best fitness tracker without Bluetooth.

Garmin Vivosmart review

However, the Garmin watch has an incredible tracking ability. And we suggest buying Garmin if you are conscious of the daily calories.

Lastly, this watch is suggested by fitness coaches and other health associations.

  • Monitors several activities
  • Vibration alerting feature
  • Tracks the steps and heartbeat
  • Expensive tracker

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4. Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Next, we have the most famous fitness tracker by Samsung. This Samsung geat fit 2 pro has several impressive features in it. Best of all, you will have the water-resistant feature that allows you to wear it inside the pool.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Other than that, this fitness tracker will count the steps accurately. And you can rely on the counting of Samsung. Also, you will have the option to measure the heart rate with it. Plus, you will have the lithium-batteries that will last longer than others. And you can use this battery easily for 3 to 4 days.

Lastly, this fitness tracker is offering exceptional features in a high price range. So if you have less budget, check the other trackers in our review.

  • Water-resistant tracker
  • Counts the steps accurately
  • Monitors various activities
  • Expensive watch tracker

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5. Mijiao Non – Bluetooth Fitness Tracker

The mijiao non-Bluetooth fitness tracker has several impressive features. And you will have the pedometer and vibrating alarm with mijiao. Also, this tracker will notify on reaching the daily goals. Plus, you will know how many calories have been taken. Likewise, this tracker is user-friendly, and you can keep a check on your physical activities.

Mijiao Non-Bluetooth Fitness Tracker

Best of all, you will know the exercise time with it. And it will remind you through the alarm. Also, you will be motivated to work out. Also, it has a vibrating feature that works like an alarm. So if you forgot to work out, the mijiao would remind you. It will count the steps accurately. Mijiao is indeed the best tracker. Also, it will count the slight movements of the body.

Consequently, the mijiao watch best fitness tracker without Bluetooth comes with 12 months warranty offer. And you can swim with this watch for up to 50 meters. Also, it has a button that you can press before going underwater. We don’t recommend mijiao for diving.

Lastly, this fitness tracker has a durable material that doesn’t crack easily

  • Waterproof tracker
  • Ideal for kids
  • Shock resistant
  • User-friendly
  • Durable material
  • Bit pricey tracker

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6. Igank Fitness Watch Tracker

Next, we have the IGANK fitness tracker watch that will monitor several activities. It will count the calories, and you will have a sensor that has 3D motion. Plus, this step watch tracker is ideal for kids. And it has a durable rubber strap, and you can wear it underwater as well.

However, this fitness tracker is waterproof and scratch-less. Also, you can gift this watch to your kids because it doesn’t require smartphone connectivity. Plus, you can efficiently operate this fitness tracker. And Igank fitness tracker has a wristband that you can wear all day.

Igank Fitness Watch Tracker

Lastly, this tracker by Igank has lithium power batteries. And the battery life of this tracker is 15 days. Also, you can contact the company for any help. They have friendly customer care support. It is the best fitness tracker without Bluetooth and phone.

  • Tracks the activities of all-day
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent tracker
  • Monitors heartbeat
  • No cons as such

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7. Feifuns Smart Watch

Last but not least, we have the feifuns smartwatch tracker that will monitor the activities of all day. Also, it has a sleep tracker. And you will know the quality of sleep with this tracker. Plus, you will have an automatic pedometer with this watch.

Feifuns Smart Watch

Other than that, you will have an anti-lost notification with this gadget. And you can gift this fitness tracker to your friends who are fitness freaks. Also, you will track all-day activities. And it will count the steps as well as the burnt calories with this watch.

Moreover, you will know how many calories are taken each day. And you will have the daily report. Also, it can monitor the awake time. And you will know about your progress with this tracker. Best of all, you can gift it to those people who have an issue of blood pressure. It will indicate if the blood pressure in high or low.

Plus, it will monitor the heart rate and all the sports activities of the day. And you will be able to wear feifuns watch while swimming. The smart tracker will do your workout, and you can charge this device in 2 hours. And it will last for seven days easily.

  • All features in one watch
  • Health tracker
  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life
  • It may count fewer steps sometimes

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FAQs About The Fitness Tracker

Do All Fitness Trackers Require Smartphone?

Not all fitness trackers don’t require a smartphone. We have the Garmin HR activity tracker that is famous worldwide for its features. And you can use fitness trackers without a phone. Plus, you will get all the features that don’t require the connection of a smartphone. Its’ true Garmin doesn’t require a smartphone, and this tracker will count all the activities.

Which Are The Best Brands Of Fitness Tracker Without Bluetooth?

Some of the best fitness trackers without Bluetooth are Ozo Fitness Cs2 Digital Pedometer, Ozo Fitness Cs1, Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Regular Fit, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, Mijiao Non-Bluetooth Fitness Tracker, Igank Fitness Watch Tracker, and Feifuns Smart Watch.

What Is The Unique Feature Of Ozo Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer?

There are several features of the ozo fitness SC2 digital pedometer. The uniqueness of the ozo is the large LCD screen. Also, it will count the steps very accurately. And ozo will count the calories as well.

The Conclusion

The best fitness tracker without Bluetooth is not for all persons. On the other hand, these trackers are essential for tracking health. Also, these trackers will remind you if the target of the day hasn’t completed. And the fitness trackers of different companies will provide different features. And you will be encouraged to work out and stay healthy with these trackers.

However, if you have just started to stay active, then purchase a fitness tracker. And you will have unbelievable features that will amaze you. Plus, the fitness trackers on our list will monitor several things at a time. Nevertheless, the best fitness tracker without Bluetooth is user-friendly. And you must know how to use the fitness tracker to get all the benefits of it. No wonder, it is the best motivator for working out alone.

Finally, you can choose any of the fitness trackers to get the best health advantage. Thank you for reading our review.

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