Best Letscom Fitness Tracker Reviews 2021 – Buying Guide

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Best Letscom Fitness TrackerPurchase the best letscom fitness tracker and attain your fitness goals by investing less money because it provides you with all primary and advanced features at a reasonable price.

By letscom, you can get all the vital features necessary for assessing health like sleep tracking, heart tracking, calories burned, step count, and at the same time, you can save money.

Here I have reviewed the fantastic features and benefits of the top 5 letscom fitness trackers, including battery life, sleep tracking, heart tracking, step count, notification alert, etc

Let us start!

Top Best Letscom Fitness Tracker

Letscom Fitness Tracker Emerald 4.5 Check Price
Letscom Fitness Tracker HR ID Plus 115 HR 4.0 Check Price
Letscom Fitness Tracker ID 205S 4.0 Check Price
Letscom Fitness Tracker ID 205G 4.5 Check Price
Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch ID 2164.0 Check Price

1. Letscom Fitness Tracker Emerald – Just Got Smarter

Our top pick from the letscom is the unique tracker, which has an emerald color. You will have a touchscreen display and comfortable strap material. This tracker has the sleep tracking feature and tells the sleep timing as well.

With this tracker, you will have a customizable screen display, and it will show real time heart rate monitoring. You will like the convenient functioning of this tracker, and it has a breathing guide as well.

Letscom Fitness Tracker Emerald

And the best part? It has the all-day fitness tracking, and you can accurately monitor various activities. With this tracking device, you will have an alarm clock feature as well. Besides, it accurately monitors the steps, calories, and other various activities.


This tracker has a display of 1.3 inches, and it has 4 customizable displays. As well, you will have enough bright display which will show all the activities in sunlight too. It displays the date and time all the time. However, you can turn off the always on display.


It comes with smart features, including music control. You will have alerts for all the calls which are coming on your phone. It will also give sedentary alerts, and you will have a wrist based accurate sensor.

It comes with an accurate recording, and you will know how many calories are burned in a day. Moreover, it shows the weekly report of all the activities. And the best part? You will have the best way to complete the daily activities.

Battery life

The battery life of the letscom is 210 mAh, and you can conveniently charge the tracker in 2.5 hours completely. Furthermore, the standby time of the letscom is 30 to 45 days. You can adjust the screen brightness manually to save battery life. The magnetic battery will take less time in charge.

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep tracking
  • All-day fitness tracking
  • Smart functions
  • Not waterproof

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2. Letscom Fitness Tracker HR ID Plus 115 HR – Multi-Sport Modes

Letscom fitness tracker HR ID Plus 115 is the most affordable smartwatch with all essential features, high functionality, and durability. It attracts everybody due to its solid black color and compact screen.

This is the best-letscom fitness tracker model ability as it has 14m modes of exercises and GPS connection further helps track the route of your workout, distance covered, and steps taken.

Letscom Fitness Tracker HR ID Plus 115 HR

Notification of different apps like Instagram, Linked In, sms, clocks, and reminders also pop on the fitness tracker’s screen; thus, keep you in touch with your social circle.


The design of the letscom fitness tracker is very slim and compact like other smartwatches, and its band is made of silicone, which feels good on all types of skin. Moreover, its screen shows time, date, date and many other things on it.


Letscom fitness tracker has a massive variety offeatures that keep us aware of your health and tell us if any medical assistance is needed. You can measure your heart rate all time, and it also tracksyour sleep pattern to inform you whether you sleep with peace or not.

Letscom tracks your all-day activities tell the exact time you did the workout, and records sleep time. You can check the number of calories you have burned in the whole exercise, steps taken, heart rate, etc.

Battery Life

For charging, it exposes its USB plug and inert in it any compatible USB port. Thus there is no need for any extra cables and dock. It has a long battery life of 7 days with a quick and easy charging method.

  • Built-in GPS
  • Silicon band
  • No different cables needed for charging
  • Only a minor part has a touchscreen

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3. Letscom Fitness Tracker ID 205S – Wide Compatibility

Its looks are beautiful can be used for both the workplace and gym. This watch is very versatile and keeps all your historical data; thus, you will not face any problems while using it.

It has 11 sports modes, all work best with their app, and different ways can be switchedby touching its button. Its step counts, calories burned, steps are taken, heart rate and other reading are similar to the apple fitness tracer; thus, there should be no doubt about its performance.

Letscom Fitness Tracker ID 205S

None of your messages can be missed if you are wearing it because it immediately notifies you; if any message on apps like whatsapp, Instagram sms, or messenger comes, you can also hang up the incoming calls from the smartwatch.


The design of the letscom fitness tracker ID 2055 resembles more with the regular mechanical watch as it has a 1.3” colored rectangular screen.


It monitors your speed and heart rate both in reset and workout conditions. The pattern of sleep, which clears many things about your health, is recorded by it. All essentials for monitoring your health like steps taken, distance covered, and calories burned are recorded.


It has magnetic wires that charge its battery in 2-3 hours and can be used for 10 days with a singles charge. If you wear it for three days and night, only 3 % charging will be lost. Moreover, its standby time is 30-35 days

  • Touch screen button
  • Quick and easy charging by magnetic cords
  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android phones
  • Can set alarms directly on it.

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4. Letscom Fitness Tracker ID 205G – Activity Tracker Pedometer

It is straightforward to use and can be connected easily with its app, and one of the best letscom fitness trackers as it is lightweight thus can be worn for many hours. And, it has a touch screen with high-quality touch furthermore it’s compatible with both iPhones and Android phones.

It shows proper steps count, heart rate, and 14 sports modes, making it worth investing in. Moreover, it also has a timer, stopwatch, weather forecasting, music controller, and breath guide.

Letscom Fitness Tracker ID 205G

Its comprehensive notification system will keep you aware of all critical messages you receive on your sim or social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and messenger. Moreover, you can hang up incoming calls by it; thus, you do not have to find your mobile phone.


There is a lot of resemblance between the design of fitness tracker ID 2055 and this fitness tracker. Both have a widescreen than other fitness trackers. Its band is made of TPU, which may not fit well on the wrist of children.

It hasa 1.3” colored screen, which can be customized by VeryFitPro, and watch brightness can also be reduced for saving battery.


It has plenty of unique features like it asses your health, steps taken, distance covered, heart rate, sleep pattern. Moreover, by using its built-in GPS, you can record the route of your outdoor activities.


You can charge it quickly as it has magnetic cables for charging, which charge it fully in just 2.5 hours. Charge it by quick, easy methods, then use it for 10 days with standby time from 35-45 days.

  • Help in answering calls
  • Very comfortable
  • Frequent synchronization between the mobile app and fitness tracker
  • The pedometer is not very accurate

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5. Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch ID 216 – Activity Tracker Step Counter

The screen of the letscom fitness tracker watch ID 216 is very stylish and embellished with lights thus, and it can quickly go through it reading on a sunny day and in dim light. The size of the screen is 1.3” and has a touch-sensitive panel on the full screen.

It has 12 modes all work efficiently, which can track all modes’ activities without any problem, thus keeping you aware of health aspects in which you need improvements and suggest how you can improve.

Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch ID 216

It is one of the best letscom fitness trackers and highly recommended to people who like stylish watches. Moreover when you buy it one year warranty is also given, but you have to register it after buying for it.


The fitness tracker’s design is very different from other smartwatches as it has a circular screen and has prominent fixed bezels. Its band is very supple thus you feel very comfortable while wearing it.


The watch automatically records your heart rate, step count, distance covered, calories burned, etc. It also has weather forecasting, stopwatch, and alarm setting icons.

Battery life

Its charging time is just 2 hours; once it is fully charged, you can use it for 10 days;however, its standby time is 30 days.

  • Comfortable silicone band
  • Reasonable price
  • Stylish design
  • Difficult to set up for the first time

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Best Letscome Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

Must keep the following instruction in your mind for investing in a high-quality smartwatch

Steps Tracking

The pedometer is essential of all smartwatches because it measures steps taken and distance covered. So buy a smartwatch that has a high-quality pedometer sensor.

Long Battery Life

The fitness tracker’s function is to keep an eye on our fitness, so it must have long battery life, and charging time should be less. Similarly charging process of fitness tracker should be easy.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Watch heart rate monitoring should be fast and accurate. You should seek medical assistance if your heart rate is less or more than normal heart in different conditions like maximum physical activity and sleep mode.

Built-in GPS

Some fitness watches do not have built-in GPS but can be connected with the GPS of mobile phones for which you will have to carry your mobile everywhere; however, if you do not want to take your mobile during cycling, jogging, and other outdoor workouts, then buy fitness tracker which have built-in GPS.


IsLetscom a Good Brand?

Yes, it is a good brand. It provides you with affordable and best letscom fitness trackers. Illetscom watches have many features, including step count, distance covered, calories burned, notification alerts, stopwatch, heat tracking, sleep tracking, etc.

Which App Do I Use For Letscom?

The name of the letscom app is VeryFitPro, which runs smoothly on both Android and iPhones. Apps guide you very much and help maintain your heart rate, weight, sleep pattern, and overall fitness.

How Do I Connect Letscom With My Phones?

For connecting your letscom with your phone, turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile phones and touch the screen of the letscom to have it in pairing mode. Now go to the veryfitpro app and then click devices and touch the option of bind device. A list of devices will pop up on the screen from them; track your smartwatch ID, and click on it.

Can I Add Two Devices To VeryFitPro?

Yes, more than 1 device can be added to veryfitpro, but at a time, you can connect only 1 device with this app.  If you want to connect two devices at a time, then download another app on your phone.

Final Words

I hope my review of the best letscom fitness tracker has helped you choose the most affordable, high quality fitness tracker. Letscom watch results can be compared with brands like AirPods and Fitbit, which are not affordable for everyone.

But letscom fitness watches have breathtaking features, and their prices are also not very high. However, I would recommend the Letscom fitness tracker watch ID 216 as it has a lot of exercise modes, long battery life, and a reasonable price.

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