Can You Swim With Fitbit Charge 2? – The Best Guidance

Fitbit makes fitness trackers for multipurpose, including sleeping and swimming due to water-resistant. So, the answer to your question can swim with Fitbit charge 2 is yes. Charge 2 is a waterproof item that means you can wear it while diving in the pool or jumping into your shower. However, Fitbit does not have every … Read more

Can You Answer Calls on Fitbit? – [Detailed Guide & Steps]

The answer to the question, can you answer calls on Fitbit is certainly yes. Indeed, Fitbit is well-known for making fitness trackers, smartwatches with so many features, including various activities while sleeping and awakening. Fitness tracking and health activities Fitbit trackers and smartwatches come with the facility of answering or declining that take place in … Read more

Can You Wear Fitbit on Ankle? – [Excellent And Quick Guide]

Fitbit is one of the remarkable and well-known wearable tech machine makers who always manufacture very impressive and stunning fitness devices and smartwatches. Can you wear Fitbit on the ankle it depends upon the wearer’s job? No doubt, we can wear Fitbit on our ankle but with limited benefits. Fitbit technology does not make any … Read more