Does The Fitbit Charge 2 Come With a Charger? – Guide

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What is in the box of Fitbit charge 2? Does the Fitbit charge 2 come with a charger? Can a mobile charger charge it? Do we have to buy the charger separately? What is the fastest way of charging the fitness tracker?

How much is the battery life of Fitbit charge 2? In how much time we can charge it fully? Including these many other queries are also discussed below. Let us start!

Does The Fitbit Charge 2 Come With a Charger?

There is no charger in the box of the fitness tracker. Still, almost all Fitbit watches come with their cable that can not be used with other devices, and similarly, in the box of Fitbit charge 2, we have a propriety cable specializing for Fitbit charge 2 only.

Suppose your fitness tracker cord expires or broke down. In that case, you can buy a new charging cord for yourself available at different online stores like amazon with a warranty for many months at an affordable price.

The cable can be used in many ways for charging the fitness tackers. Let us discuss them

Steps of Charging a Fitbit Charge 2 By Plugging it Into The Desktop And Laptop

Like other Fitbit charges, its process is simple and more comfortable than others because we have to let the smartwatch out of its band for plugging in the charger, which can damage the intricate smartwatch structure.

Does The Fitbit Charge 2 Come With a Charger

However, we can charge the Fitbit charge 2 by keeping it in its band. Fitbit watches consist of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts long and can be charged quickly. Just follow the three given steps for charging your Fitbit charge 2.

  1. Connect one end of the charger to the USB output of the laptop or desktop.
  2. Now squeeze the clamp on any side of the charger, do it cautiously, and make sure that the pins are aligned and securely locked
  3. Now releases the clamp, keep in mind the button on the tracker should slip into the charger’s output.
  4. When the fitness tracker will vibrate, and a battery icon appears on the screen, the fitness tracker will start charging.

After following all these steps, your Fitbit will start charging, Fitbit charge 2 charges its battery in just two hours. Once you have fully charged your Fitbit, it will last more than a week.

Charging of Fitness Tracker By The Mobile Charger

Follow these steps for charging

  • Insert one end of the cable into the mobile charger adaptor and plug it in the socket.
  • Insert other ends of the cable into the fitness tracker.
  • Hence, the connection will build up, the watch will vibrate, and a battery icon will appear on it

This is a faster way of charging the fitness tracker than charging using a laptop or desktop.

Some fitness trackers can be charged without a cord, you have to plug the fitness tracker pin into the USB port of the laptop or desktop, and it will start charging.

How To Save The Battery of Fitbit Charge 2

We wear fitness watches to assess our health by measuring our physical moves, step count, heart rate, calories burnt, etc. So, we cannot remove it for a long time.

But try to remove it when you are not using it, just sitting and resting. It will conserve its battery, and your fitness tracker will get some time to rest thus, it will work more efficiently.

Following are a few steps that you have to follow for switching it off

  1. Go to the setting of Fitbit charge 2 and open its menu.
  2. Now find the ‘about’ from the given list and click it.
  3. A menu will pop up on the screen. From it, choose the ‘shutdown’ option.
  4. Two options will appear on the screen. Select “yes” for switching off your Fitbit charge 2

After switching off your Fitbit, keep it in a safe place so it does not fall accidentally. You can restart it when you want to use it again. Following are the steps you have to follow for restarting your fitness tracker

  • Find out a button on the left side of the fitness tracker.
  • Now, press the button for 10-15seonds.
  • It will vibrate
  • A logo will appear on the screen of the fitness watch.
  • After few seconds, your watch will restart.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Answers to the questions that arise in the minds of most people are discussed below

Does Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Charge 3 Use The Same Charger?

All Fitbit chargers are personalized. Thus you can not use the same charger with both Fitbit charge 2 and Fitbit charge 3. You have to buy separate charging cables for both fitness trackers.

Why is a Fitbit Not Charging?

It can be due to many reasons sometimes improper alignment of fitness pins in the holder causes a disturbance, the USB cable also stops working, and maybe your USB slot is damaged.

Sometimes Fitbit is wet, or it needs to be restarted. So keep your charging cable with care.

How can I Tell if My Fitbit is Charging?

By seeing the LED color, it is easy to decide whether the device is charged or not. Red light indicated low battery, a yellow light indicates medium battery, and white light indicates the battery is full.

Final Words

In the box of Fitbit charge 2, there is a USB cord that we can connect to our mobile charger, laptop, or desktop, and another end is inserted into the smartwatch port.

When the fitness tracker vibrates its starts charging, and a white light indicates its battery is full. Please remove it from the charging when the white light is on. When you are not using your watch, switch off it to rest and conserve its battery. Thank you for visiting us!

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