Fitness Bracelet YG3 Review – Features, Pros, Cons, And More

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Fitness bracelet yg3 review will reveal useful and some hidden features that you do not know. With this tracker, you will have an app that will make the monitoring of activities even more convenient.

And the best part? You will have the most comfortable settings of this tracker. Also, it is providing the imperial or metric mechanism of monitoring the activities. Without any delay, lets’ delve into the yg3 review!

Fitness Bracelet YG3 Review

A Complete Fitness Bracelet YG3 Review


This tracker will have compatibility with smartphones, and you will not miss any notification. For instance, it will give notifications from the E-mails, calendar, SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp, Flickr, and various other social media apps. And the best part? You will have the choice to turn off the notifications while going to bed.

Built-In Alarm

Best of all, you will have a built-in alarm, and you will be able to complete the activities on time. This tracker has the idle time monitor, and you will be enhancing the fitness level after following the goals which are set on this tracker.


This tracker is waterproof up to some extent you can use it in water up to 3.3 feet. Besides, it has a waterproof rating of IP67. And that’s not all, and this tracker has complete splash-resistant technology. You can wear them while washing your hands.


The design of this fantastic yet affordable YG3 was tremendous and similar to the Fitbit trackers. You will have a slim design watch with this tracker and its most comfortable band. Furthermore, the stylish looks of this tracker will grab the attention of others. It has a durable quality, yet you will have a warranty period of 18 months.

Battery Life

This tracker has a long battery life of 10 days, and it has a quick charging time of one hour. Besides, this tracker has a longer standby time than others. Moreover, you can use it for more time by turning off the heart rate feature.


The compatibility of the Yg3 tracker is broad. You can use it with Android 4.4 or above software and iOS with above 7.1. Besides, you will have a quick pairing connection with this tracker.

Sports Modes

Yg3 is offering several sports modes, and you will have a station cycling monitor as well. And that’s not all, and this tracker has walking, running, yoga, bike, hiking, climbing, badminton, tennis, football, and treadmill monitor. Moreover, it has a smart sports monitoring method. You will have an accurate time monitor for all the activities that you will do each day.

Best of all, you will be able to know the workout time after doing a particular workout. It will provide the 24 hours activity monitoring feature, and you will know the steps taken, burnt calories, heart rate, sleep quality, and much more.

App Support

This tracker of Yg3 provides a GPS connection that you can use while connecting it with your smartphone. Besides, it has useful features that you can take advantage of while working out. The app will require a Bluetooth connection for syncing the data from the tracker. You will have a convenient pairing option.

Auto Reset

This tracker has the auto-reset technology to zero on the next day. Further, you don’t have to change the settings of the device every other day.

3D Sensor Technology

It has 3D sensor technology, and you will notice the steps with the utmost accuracy. Nevertheless, it will not monitor the features while you are riding a bike on a cobblestone surface.

Sleep Pattern Monitor

It has a sleep behavior pattern monitor. Besides, you will have the exact time display of the sleeping hours and sleep quality. You will have hours of deep and light sleep time.

Event Mode

This tracker has an incredible event tracking mode, and you will know how many steps are taken in a particular activity. As well, you will be able to monitor the distance conveniently and burned calories in a day.

Convenient Charging Option

This device has the most convenient charging option from the USB port. Plus, you will have the easy plug-in option with this device, and it has mobile phone charging port compatibility. For charging, you have to remove the bracelet from the side where zero is marked.

  • Event mode
  • Several tracking sports mods
  • Accurate step counter
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Convenient to use
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable
  • The screen is not bright


  • Precise step counter
  • Accurate sports monitor
  • Lightweight
  • Durable quality
  • Sleep and heart rate monitor
  • Convenient charging option


The alternative to the Yg3 fitness tracker is the Fitbit HR. However, you will not find any other tracker at such a low price with all these features. Furthermore, you have to increase the budget if you need an alternative to the YG3 tracker.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Which Is The Best Feature Of The YG3 Tracker?

The best feature of the Yg3 is the event mode that will track specific activities. This tacker will monitor the activities accurately, and you will have the heart rate update after every few minutes.

Who Should Purchase The Yg3 Tracker?

The yg3 tracker is great for those who need to monitor their daily activities. This tracker will also tell the steps, distance, heart rate, sleep timing, and much more.

What Is The Battery Timing Of The YG3 Tracker?

The battery timing of this tracker is 5 days minimum and 10 days maximum.

How Can Set The Time On YG3 Tracker?

You can set the time on the yg3 tracker by pairing it with the application. After that, you have to change the settings of time on the phone, and the timings will change on the tracker.

To Sum Up

All in all, this yG3 fitness bracelet has incredible features, and it has solid quality. And the good news? You will have an accurate step counter with the most fashionable design. Moreover, this tracker has an affordable price, and you will have a large number display on the screen. With this device, you will have several color options like blue, black, purple, pink, as well as turquoise.

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