Fitness Tracker, Coffea C2 Activity Wristband Review 2021

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Coffea c2 activity wristband review before making the purchase. So if you are looking for a tracker that is great for monitoring the necessary everyday activities, surely coffea c2 will fulfill the needs.

In your hectic routine, c2 will remind you to complete the daily activities. And the good news? You can enhance your fitness after staying tuned to the goals set on this tracker. However, this tracker also has several competitors and alternatives.

But with this device, you can track your daily activities and monitor your fitness level. Not only that, you will be able to integrate health while pairing it with your smartphone. Let’s delve into the review!

A Detailed Fitness Tracker, Coffea C2 Activity Wristband Review

Coffea C2 Activity Wristband Review


This tracker has a sleek design of 0.86 inches and an OLED screen display. And that’s not all, and you will have a slim yet highly comfortable watch, which is cool and aesthetic at the same time. It is lightweight, and you will not feel that anything is on your screen. With this tracker, you will have the charger attached to it.

Health Assistant

This tracking device has a healthy assistant, and you can easily monitor the steps taken in a day. You will have a quick way of analyzing the fitness level. Besides, this tracker has an effective sleep time monitor. You will have a light and deep sleep monitor.

Colorful Replacement Bands

Best of all, it has several colorful band options. You will have the softest silicone material, and it is convenient to wear. And that’s not all, this tracker has the most comforting design, and you will have the buckle style.

Built-In USB Charging

This tracking device has a built-in charger, and you can connect it with the power adapter, laptop, or any other USB port for charging. Furthermore, it will provide the quickest charging option.

Wide Compatibility

It has broad compatibility and supports several smartphone software. You can use it with android and iOS devices. If you want to connect it with the iOS devices, it should have the 7.1 or above software, and for the android, you will have the 4.4 or above software.

Sleep Monitor

It has a sleep monitor, and you will know the sleeping hours and quality. And that’s not all, you will be able to improve sleep, and it has a vibration alarm clock to wake up the user.

Notification Reminder

This tracker has the smart notification feature, and you will be receiving notifications from the telephone, SMS, and other social media applications. Furthermore, you will not miss any notification or call while working out. With the idle time alert, you will be able to complete the daily workout.

Anti-Lost And Remote

Another worth noting feature of this tracker is the anti-lost and remote. You will have 5 meters range, and it will make the phone ring or vibrate while finding it for you. Moreover, you will have the control of remote photography shooting with it.


  • C2 model
  • TPU high-grade material
  • Bluetooth 4.0 sync
  • OLED 0.86 inches display
  • Polymer rechargeable lithium battery
  • 45mAh battery capacity
  • The standby time of the watch is 7 days
  • Quick charging of 45 minutes
  • Splash-proof and waterproof

Quick Overview Of The Fitness Tracker, Coffea C2 Activity Wristband

This tracker has a syncing feature for data and time. Moreover, you will have the sleep monitor, cardio activities monitor, call notification reminder, SMS notification reminder, remote camera controlling option, anti-lost feature, and sedentary alert feature.

  • Handy smartwatch tracker
  • Lightweight and cost-efficient
  • Quick charging option
  • Last for 5 days
  • Vibration mode for giving notifications
  • The screen could be brighter
  • It doesn’t have an edit option for the sleeping data
  • You have to set the weight lifting monitoring manually
  • Settings of the tracker are a bit tough

Alternative Of Coffea C2 Activity Tracker

If you need an alternative to the coffea fitness tracker, then we recommend two other options. But let us tell you that coffea is quite user-friendly and great for tracking activities. If we compare the features with wesoo, then it’s is very similar. Or you can go with the ronten brand health tracker option. Furthermore, you will have a warranty period of 18 months.

However, the alternatives of the coffea c2 might not be compatible with all kinds of android and iOS devices. You will have wide compatibility of smartphones only with the coffea c2 activity tracker.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Why Should I Buy The Coffea C2 Activity Tracker?

You can buy the coffea c2 activity tracker for monitoring your health and sports activities. It will monitor the steps taken, distance, covered, calorie counter, physical index, and much more. More than that, it will provide accurate data of the sleep and monitor the sleep quality as well.

Can I Replace The Band Of Coffea C2 Activity Tracker?

The replacement of the coffea c2 activity tracker is convenient, and you will be able to choose your favorite color. Besides, it has different shades that you can match with your outfit. And that’s not all, and this tracker has a trendy style and lightweight strap material.

Does Coffea C2 Have The Vibration Feature?

Yes, the coffea c2 has the vibration feature, and you will have alerts to complete the daily activities. Besides, it is one of the most useful trackers that motivates us to complete our daily goals.

Wrapping Up

All in all, the fitness tracker coffea C2 is quite a handy tracker that will monitor health accurately. This tracker has accurate tracking technology. You will have the most comfortable strap. Not only that, it will provide the most convenient way of monitoring the workout.

For all the fitness freaks, this tracker is ideal for tracking their activities. For instance, it has a sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, and many other tracking features, which will surely enhance your health. And the best thing? You will have a warranty period of 18 months with this device.

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