Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch 2021 – Which is Best Device To Buy?

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Fitness tracker Vs smartwatch, are you confused about choosing between them? Here in our guide, we will tell you some of the major dissimilarities amongst them to make an informed decision.

Indeed, fitness trackers and watches are ideal accessories to boost up your workout routine. These gears are ideal for counting the steps, monitoring heart rate, sleep quality, etc. The smartwatches and fitness trackers will sync the data to your phone, and you can check the activity statistics daily.

Besides that, the majority of fitness trackers do not have the features of smartwatches. Nonetheless, there is a huge difference among the smartwatches and fitness trackers that we’ll elaborate on below.

Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch – Differences Between Them

Apart from that, you need to know which device will fulfill your needs, so let’s have an in-depth comparison of fitness trackers Vs smartwatch.

Smart Watch

A smartwatch is an accessory to wear on the wrist, and it is similar to a wristwatch. Moreover, the smartwatches can sync the data to your phone or any other device. Several people sync their activity records into their phones or laptop to have a check on their workout routine.

In addition, you will have a wide variety of features in a smartwatch. The smartwatch is available in different brands, and the price will vary from one model to another. Furthermore, the features of smartwatches also vary. A high-end expensive smartwatch will offer more features than a cheaper one.


More than that, the smartwatches have additional features to make your workout more convenient. You can attend the important calls while working out. Best of all, the smartwatches have a Bluetooth feature, and you will receive all your notifications on the phone if it’s paired.

Other than that, the smartwatch has most of the basic features of fitness trackers built-in. With a smartwatch, you can count your daily steps, heart rate, sleep quality, etc. On the other side, smartwatches have several other features that aren’t related to fitness.

Generally, you will find various smartwatches compatible with replying to a text, attending calls, sending voice notes, and much more. There are some of the best smartwatch companies that you will find in the market, such as Apple, Huawei, Samsung, and Fitbit. Plus, you can find a variety of strap colors in the smartwatches that will enhance the look of your outfit.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are available in several forms. You can buy a fitness tracker in a wrist band, pendant, chest strap, and clip-on portable equipment. Nevertheless, the most common form of fitness tracker that is famous nowadays is the wristband.

Besides, there are some fitness trackers that don’t have a screen. Thus, you can only check your activity status if they are linked with your phone. Usually, the sleep trackers that don’t have any other feature don’t have an LED display. On the other side, some of the pedometers don’t have an LED display as well.

Fitness Trackers

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that has a removable display, then consider the Huawei band model 3e. This fitness tracker looks like a token, and it has the smallest size. In fact, there are various fitness trackers that you can easily clip to your bra strap or with a pocket.

After all, fitness trackers do not provide any features that are not related to fitness. The top-notch fitness trackers will only have an LED display and other versatile features. The old fitness trackers only have a heart rate monitoring feature and step counter.

While choosing any fitness trackers, you need to look at what features are present in it? And how many of the features meet your needs? Many of the fitness trackers don’t come with calls or messages notification features. So you have to carry your phone while doing any of the fitness activities.

The best fitness tracker companies that are popular worldwide include Fitbit, XiaomiMi Band, Huawei band.

Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch – Which Device Is Suitable For You?

If you a device to monitor your fitness activities only, then no doubt, you can buy a fitness tracker. For instance, you will have a sleep tracker, step counter, heart rate monitor, GPS connection, swim tracker, and other fitness modes in a fitness tracker.

However, fitness trackers are affordable than smartwatches. Other than that, there is a non-ending debate between fitness tracker vs smartwatch. On the other hand, the best benefit of buying a smartwatch is that you can pair it with any smartphone or laptop.

Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch

In terms of weight, fitness trackers are lightweight because some of them don’t have a display. Besides, the smartwatches have more weight, and their straps have aluminum or metal construction. So if you want to look fancier, then a smartwatch will fulfill your need.

However, the smartwatches have a short battery span than fitness trackers. The fitness trackers will last for days because they comprise fewer features in them.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker

It depends on your needs that you should buy a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. Other than that, you need to answer some questions in your mind to make the best decision quickly.

  • Do you have an ample budget to buy a smartwatch?
  • What features do you need?
  • How much should the device weigh?
  • Should it have a LED display?
  • Do you want the device to be useful in answering calls or texts?
  • Do you want music streaming and GPS connection?
  • What should be the battery lifespan of the device?

All in all, if you want a device that is affordable and monitors all the fitness activities, then you should buy a fitness tracker; however, if you want plenty of features and a LED bright display with a fancy strap then consider buying a smartwatch.

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