Garmin Vs Fitbit Fitness Tracker – Which One is Best?

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Here we have the Garmin fitness tracker vs Fitbit fitness tracker review. No doubt, both trackers have the best features, and they will help to maintain fitness. Most of the trainers will recommend buying fitness trackers from Garmin or Fitbit.

Garmin is older than Fitbit, and it has fitness tracking devices with similar looks like a smartwatch. Additionally, Garmin’s fitness tracker has the music play feature, so you don’t need to carry the phone while doing fitness activities.

On the other hand, the Fitbit trackers come with modern features to monitor health in the best way. Although both trackers are comfortable to wear and they have a lot of models.

Comparison of Garmin Fitness Tracker Vs Fitbit Fitness Tracker

There are differences between the Fitbit and Garmin trackers that we’ll discuss below.

Garmin Fitness Tracker

Garmin Vivosmart review

The first watch of Garmin was introduced in the 2000s, and now it has several devices. The new devices of the Garmin trackers come with modern features. Best of all, the Garmin fitness trackers have a watch-like design, and you can wear them with any outfit.

And that’s not all; the Garmin trackers come with a mixture of features and different designs. Some of the best Garmin fitness trackers are the following:

  • Garmin Forerunner 245
  • Garmin Fenix
  • Vivoactive 4 of Garmin

Battery Timing of the Garmin Fitness Trackers

The best feature of the Garmin trackers is that they provide a long battery life. Additionally, you don’t have to hassle with charging the Garmin fitness trackers. The Garmin tracking devices have long battery life that easily lasts for more than a week.

Other than that, the Garmin trackers come with the GPS feature, but they will not drain a lot of battery. Additionally, the Garmin devices have power-saving mode, and they don’t let the tracker drain the battery quickly.

Furthermore, the Garmin devices come with an AMOLED display. Most devices have an always-on display, and you will still have a fitness tracker with long battery life. The Garmin manufacturers have the transflective display, and it doesn’t consume much battery.

Fitness Features of Garmin

The Garmin fitness tracker comes with many amazing features that you will not find in other fitness trackers. Likewise, the most selling watch of Garmin is Fenix. This tracker comes with a continuous heart rate monitoring feature.

Additionally, the Garmin Fenix comes with a 24/7 heart rate monitoring feature and sleep monitor. And that’s not all; the Garmin Fenix has motivational features. The Fenix tracker will motivate you to complete the daily goals.

And the good news? The Garmin Fenix has a breathing guide that you won’t find in Fitbit trackers. Other than that, the Garmin Fenix has sports tracking features. For instance, this device will monitor running, swimming, and other activities.

Apart from that, the Garmin forerunner comes with outdoor activity tracking features. You will able to monitor hiking, swimming, as well as climbing with the forerunner Garmin tracker. On the other side, the Garmin tracker 945 comes with map navigation features.

In addition to this, the Garmin tracker 945 is compatible with the chest strap heart-rate monitors.

Smartwatch Features of Garmin

Garmin smartwatch features are impressive, and you will have a built-in music player. However, the Garmin trackers are compatible with all iOS and Android devices. Additionally, the Garmin trackers will sync all the data to the smartphone to monitor fitness activities.

Besides, you can download the songs on your Garmin tracker. On the other side, the Garmin tracker will help you pile up a list of Deezer applications and Spotify application songs. You can listen to songs without linking the smartphone with any of the Garmin trackers.

Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Charge 4 review

The Fitbit trackers have a slim design, and they have a pedometer design. Also, the Fitbit tracker will monitor the sleep and count the footsteps accurately. Additionally, Fitbit trackers have additional sensors to monitor various activities.


Other than that, the fitness tracker of Fitbit comes with outstanding features. Besides that, you can connect the Fitbit tracker with various devices. For instance, you can connect the Fitbit tracker with a smartphone, tablet, computer, and more.

The popular Fitbit trackers are the following:

  • Versa 3 of Fitbit
  • Inspire of Fitbit
  • Charge 4 of Fitbit

Battery Life of The Fitbit

The battery life of the Fitbit trackers is impressive, and it will last for 6 days easily. Additionally, you will always have on display that will consume a lot of battery. On the other side, the Fitbit trackers have less battery life than Garmin trackers.

But wait! let us tell you something!

The Fitbit new models will come with quick charging features. Fitbit users will be charging their devices in 12 minutes only.

Fitness Features of Fitbit

The fitness features of the Fitbit are similar to Garmin. With the Fitbit trackers, you will have a 24/7 heart rate monitor, inactivity alerts, sports modes, sleep monitor, and more. Many users of Fitbit are satisfied with the sleep monitor of Fitbit.

Although the Fitbit trackers will not monitor the sleep with 100 percent accuracy, it is reliable. In fact, you will know the sleep quality with the Fitbit trackers. The arm movement will be monitored with the Fitbit trackers as well.

The Fitbit trackers will count the steps according to your height and gender. Besides, Fitbit trackers are ideal for monitoring several sports activities.

Smartwatch Features

The Fitbit devices have the best smartwatch features. You will have a touchscreen display, and it will show the notifications from your phone. Additionally, the new Fitbit devices will tell if you are burning calories or not.

Fitbit trackers are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Lastly, the Fitbit trackers have built-in music playing options as well. That’s all for the comparison of the Garmin vs Fitbit. Thank you for reading.

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