How to Force Quit Fitbit App on Iphone or Android? (4 Easy Ways)

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Are you having syncing issues and want to know how to force quit Fitbit app without losing any data? Then you are the right place, and here you will learn 4 steps to force quit the app. Fitbit will automatically sync the data if the range is less than 20 feet, and it has more than 60 percent of charging.

For your ease, the Fitbit app will help you to keep a check on your daily fitness goals. Moreover, you will be conversant about your fitness with a fitness tracker that syncs data automatically.

Unfortunately, some technical issues will stop the Fitbit to work and refuse to sync with any device. The reason might vary from different models of Fitbit trackers.

Mostly, there is an issue with the Bluetooth connection, and you have to toggle it. Besides that, you might need to restart the device or re-install the Fitbit app to resolve the syncing issues.

4 Easy Ways on How To Force Quit The Fitbit App

If you will force quit the Fitbit app, make sure that you have enough charging on your phone. Try these 4 steps to force quit the Fitbit app.

To force quit the Fitbit app, you have to go to the settings.

Click on app management. There will be an option of force stop the app.

After that, click on the force stop option.

Open the Fitbit application again.

How To Fix The Fitbit Syncing Issues?

  • You can try to turn off the Bluetooth connection again and connect it again with the Fitbit device.
  • Restarting the Fitbit tracking device will help you to sync the data easily.
  • In case Fitbit is still refusing the sync the data, you need to re-install the Fitbit device.
  • After re-installing the Fitbit application, you have to log in from a new device and sync any photo to try it.
  • After trying all the above steps, if the Fitbit isn’t syncing again, then you have to unpair the Fitbit from the Bluetooth device and remove all the accounts, and sync again.

How To Restart Different Fitbit Devices?

There are various models of Fitbit trackers, and they all have different methods of restarting. Below we have mentioned the famous Fitbit trackers, and you will know how to restart the Fitbit device:

Fitbit Charge 4

When your Fitbit charge 4 is on, you have to press the side button of the tracker for 8 to 10 seconds. The tracker will restart automatically. You will have a smiley icon on the screen, and it will vibrate while restarting.

Fitbit Charge 4 review

Fitbit Versa 2

You have to press the button on the right of the tracker to turn on the display, and it will automatically restart with you release the button.

Fitbit Versa Lite

The Fitbit versa lite has a button on the left side, and while pressing it for a few moments, the display will turn off, and you can restart it after a few seconds by the same button.

Fitbit Versa 3

The Fitbit versa charge 3 is convenient to turn on, and you need to press the side button for 10 seconds, and it will restart.

Fitbit Versa

Restarting the Fitbit versa is easy. By pressing the button on the left and right, it will display the logo of Fitbit on the screen. In fact, leave the buttons and let the tracker start on its own after a few seconds.

Fitbit Ionic

For restarting the Fitbit ionic, you need to press the bottom and left buttons at a time until the logo seems to appear on the screen. The tracker will start on after you leave the buttons.

Fitbit Ace

Restarting Fitbit ace is quite different from the other Fitbit devices. You need to plug the Fitbit ace on your computer, and the other end should be connected with the computer’s USB port. Moreover, the logo of Fitbit will appear on the screen of Fitbit after a few seconds. Now you can unplug the charger to restart it.

Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit HR is similar to restart like Fitbit ace. You can easily start the Fitbit Alta by connecting the one end of the charger with Fitbit, and the other will the computer’s USB port. Then it would help if you pressed the key on the cable of Fitbit three times.

Lastly, you will have a logo on the screen of Fitbit after pressing the button for a few seconds. After the logo appears, you can unplug the charging cable easily.

Fitbit Alta

Do you have a Fitbit Alta fitness tracker? You can easily restart it by plugging the one end with the charger and the other end with the USB of the computer.

Likewise, you have to press the home button of the how-to force quit Fitbit app until the logo appears on the screen. The logo will appear on the Fitbit Alta watch, and you can unplug the device from charging because it has restarted.

Fitbit Surge

Several people get confused about restarting the Fitbit surge. For restarting this device, you have to press the 2 buttons on the bottom and left.

Further, you will notice that the screen is dimming, and you can restart the device after the screen is completely blank. Wait, for 8 seconds, and then press the bottom button of the Fitbit surge to restart it.

Fitbit One

The charger should be plugged in the USB port of the computer and Fitbit device as well. Both ends of the charger should be connected. Now you have to hold the Fitbit One button for 10 seconds. After that, remove the charging cable from the Fitbit tracker. Lastly, you need to press the one button of Fitbit, so it turns on.

Hopefully, now you can easily force quit the Fitbit app and restart easily.

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