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Are you confused about how to reset letscom fitness tracker? In our guide, you will know all the details about the letscom ID 130 HR fitness tracker. Likewise, you will know what modes this tracker has for monitoring various activities.

How To Reset Letscom Fitness Tracker In 5 Seconds?

This letscom tracker doesn’t have a different way of resetting it. You can easily reset it by the following steps.

  • To reset this tracker, you have to connect the face with the charger and turn on the USB port.
  • You can easily release the button after five seconds, and the tracker will turn off.
  • Also, the smiley will appear on the watch face.
  • It will vibrate before turning off.

If you want to turn on the tracker, plug off the device from the charger. Now you can press the button for a few seconds to turn on the device.

For resetting the application of the letscom, you go to the app settings and click on the factory reset options.

Features of LETSCOM

Letscom fitness tracker will record several activities. It will monitor the activities and active time. And the best part? This tracker has 14 modes, and you will have the right activity tracking of multiple activities at a time.

It comes with the exercise data reporting app, and it has the GPS feature inbuilt. You will have the device to track the distance, pace, map, and workout route. We love the sleep and heart rate monitoring feature of the letscom.

Letscom Fitness Tracker

It comes with a continuous and automatic heart rate monitoring feature. You will know the sleep and inactive time with this tracker. Another great feature of the letscom is the convenient USB charging, and it will last for 7 days on a single time charge.

As if that’s not enough, it has the sedentary alert feature, and you will have the auto-reminder of staying inactive. For those users who would like to take pictures while going on hiking and trekking, the letscom HR130 is the best choice for them.

You can press the device and take pictures. More than that, you can set the alarms for that time when you need to complete the remaining activities of the day.

Design And Functioning

Let us tell you that the device’s USB functioning. It needs charging for ten minutes to turn on. You have to pull out the face of the tracker from the strap by pressing the button downwards.

The letscom tracker has an adjustable strap, and the dimensions of this tracker are ideal for a 16 to 25 cm wrist. It weighs 22 grams. This tracker has an OLED screen with 4 by 2 cm dimensions. This tracker will come in a small white color box packaging and has the QR codes on the backside.

Ensure that the vibration happens for some time before you leave it on the charging.

Moreover, the red light will blink, and the tracker will start charging. You can install the veryfitpro application in your tracker until the tracker turns on. The veryfit pro is available on iOS and Android devices.

With this tracker, you will get the contact card, manual in English instruction, and letscom tracker.

Modes of The Letscom Tracker

The tracker has the step counting mode. You will have the step counter, distance monitor, calorie counter, activity monitor, and burned calorie monitor.

The heart rate monitor mode will track the heart rate in BPM. You will have the most accurate heart rate tracking with this wrist-based tracker.

In fact, this tracker has an alarm mode, and you can set it up with the application of the tracker. The tracker comes with the alert feature if you are sitting ideal for too long.

Further, it has a walking mode. You have to press the watch for 2 seconds before walking to start the recording.

And that’s not all; it has the run mode that is similar to the walk mode. Lastly, it has a bike mode that will be beneficial for the cyclers and those who take part in the triathlon race.

Compatibility of Letscom Tracker

You can use the tracker of letscom for checking the incoming calls and messages. This tracker has more features if you connect it with the android phone. For iOS users, it will offer fewer features. You will receive the alerts on the tracker. Though, you will not have the option of replying from the tracker.

This amazing letscom tracker has the feature of taking pictures from it. Besides, you will have the fit pro app that will let you sync the photos in your phone that are taken by the letscom tracker. Also, the letscom fitness tracker will turn on when you turn your hand while running or doing another exercise.

Technical Specs of Letscom

  • Bluetooth 4.0 connection
  • Distanced by 10 meters
  • The working voltage is 3.7 V
  • The working time of the tracker is 7 days
  • Charging time of the tracker 2 hours
  • HR sensor and sleep tracker
  • Several sports modes
  • Wrist-based tracking
  • USB charging
  • Active time counter
  • Waterproof rating IP67
  • Compliance with CE, FCC, and RoHS

Wrapping Up

The letscom fitness tracker is quite a practical tracker that will monitor multiple activities. This tracker is great for sports players and all those who do cardio workouts often. You will have application compatibility with the letscom tracker. This tracker has a long battery life, and it will charge in less time.

If you need the most convenient tracker to use, letscom is the best choice for you. This lightweight tracker has a heart rate monitor that will track all the beats accurately. There are several colors available in the letscom tracker.

You can choose among these colors purple, red, blue, and black. To buy the tracker, click here.

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