How To Sync Fitbit To Computer? – Troubleshoot Syncing Issues

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Are you confused about how to sync Fitbit to computer? Usually, new Fitbit users face this issue. We will guide you in 6 easy steps to sync Fitbit data easily on your PC.

You can sync the Fitbit data to your phone by installing the Fitbit application. However, it is better to sync data to your PC because it will consume many of the smartphone’s battery.

The easiest way to monitor your fitness goals is to sync the Fitbit data in your computer. Firstly, you have to download the FitbitConnect app on your PC. This software of Fitbit is completely free to download, and you can sync the data manually or automatically on the computer.

How To Sync Fitbit To Computer Properly?

So if you have already downloaded the FitbitConnect software on your computer, then it’s time to sync data.

To sync the Fitbit to the computer, you need to insert the tiny wireless device into your computer’s USB connection port. Also, don’t forget to keep the Fitbit device near your computer.

How To Sync Fitbit To Computer Properly

Subsequently, a few seconds later, you will receive the Fitbit notification, and you have to open it by clicking on the Fitbit connect > programs.

Afterward, you have to click on the Fitbit Connect icon and select the sync option. Your Fitbit will search for the tracker. After searching, it will automatically pair with it and start syncing the data.

How Download The Fitbit Connect on Computer?

  1. To download the Fitbit connect on the computer, you must search on google for the Fitbit Connect app. Afterward, you have to click on the download option for windows. Choose the windows to types, such as 10, XP, or any other option.
  2. After selecting the type of windows, you have to click on the file and download it.
  3. An installer will open, and you have to click on the continue option, so it starts installing on your computer.
  4. The software of Fitbit will install on your computer, and you have to insert the Fitbit dongle. Wait for a few seconds to receive a notification about the new setup.
  5. After the setup is completely installed, you have to log in to create an account. But if you already have the account, log in.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions of Fitbit and create your Fitbit profile. The Fitbit dongle should be close to your computer in the entire process.
  7. You have to follow all the instructions that are given there to connect the Fitbit to your pc.
  8. Your computer will find the Fitbit device, and you have to enter the code of Fitbit over there.
  9. Lastly, it would help if you connected the Fitbit tracker to your computer to sync the data manually. The last step might take some time.

How Frequently Should I Sync FitbitTo My Computer?

After setting up the Fitbit connects to your computer, you can share data anytime. However, don’t unplug the dongle of Fitbiton your PC. Also, the Fitbit device should be near the computer while you are syncing the data to the PC.

Besides that, there is an all-day sync mode available too, and it will work if the Fitbit device is near the computer. All-day sync will continuously sync the data to your computer after 10 to 15 minutes. You don’t need to sync the data manually.

Nevertheless, if you have a Fitbit blaze, then you need to sync the data by connecting one end of the charging cable with the USB port of the computer.

Moreover, you need to check that Fitbit is syncing the data properly or not. Log in and check the how to sync Fitbit to computer data in your account by clicking on the gear icon. The sync option is placed on the right side of the dashboard. In the dashboard, you will have a stamp of time that shows the most recent synced data.

Fitbit Won’t Sync To Computer? – Try These Hacks

A lot of Fitbit users have syncing issues. However, you can try these useful hacks to fix them:

  • If you are unable to sync the Fitbit data to your computer, make sure that the device is near to the computer. The range shouldn’t be more than 20 feet.
  • The Fitbit tracker should be paired with the Fitbit connect account.
  • You can try restarting your computer to fix the bug issues. Also, the computer should have the latest firmware updates.
  • It is possible that the USB port of the computer is not working properly, so if there is no icon appearing of the dongle, then use a different USB port.
  • After connecting the Fitbit dongle in another port, refresh the computer and wait until it appears in the right corner.
  • Yet, if the Fitbit is not syncing the data to your computer. Install the Fitbit connect app again. First, uninstall the Fitbit app from the control panel, it will go in the bin, and install it again.
  • Check the model of Fitbit, so if it is the Fitbit blaze, then you have to plug-in the charging cot in the USB port of the computer.

The syncing issues will vary from one Fitbit device to another.

Get The Latest Version – Update

All in all, you need to check that you have updated the Fitbit connect. You need to have the new version for syncing that data; otherwise, the app will stop responding. However, it is easy to get the updated version of Fitbit by logging in on your account. At the top right place, click on the settings and check if any update is required.

Several people face issues with Fitbit HR due to some technical issues; the company is working on it to resolve them as soon as possible!

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