Juboury Fitness Tracker Review – Things You Need To Know?

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In our juboury fitness tracker review, you will know everything about it. After reading the specs, you will know is this tracker worth buying or not. This sleek fitness tracking digital watch is offering a wide range of specs. It will not only track the activities, but you will have the health monitor as well.

This tracker will provide 15 sports modes, and you will have great syncing technology with a smartphone. Excited to know more about it? Let’s delve into our review!

Juboury Fitness Tracker Review 2021

Juboury Fitness Tracker Review


It comes with an OLED color screen, and you will have an HD-quality display. Best of all, it has bright screen colors and a cool design. Not only that, you will have great visual quality with this digital watch face tracking device.

Sleep And Heart Rate Monitor

It has a sleep monitor, and you will know about the depth of sleep. Besides, it will work like a coach to improve the sleep quality. And the best part? It has accurate heart rate tracking with wrist based sensors and helps to do the workout in an efficient manner.

Smart Notifications

It will sync the social media and other notifications from your phone. You will not miss any call or text while doing the workout with juboury.

Sports Modes

In the sports modes, you will have walking, running, treadmill, riding, and many more patterns. You will have more comprehensive details of your work out with this tracker.

GPS Connection

With the GPS connection and it will show the unique activity routes. This tracker will show the distance covered while doing the workout.

USB Charging Design

This tracker has USB charging technology with a built-in USB plug. You will have 7 days battery life. Furthermore, you can use the any regular port of laptop, phone’s power adapter, or power bank for charging it.

Sedentary Alert

This device will give alerts if you are sitting idle for a long time. You will have notifications for completing the workout.

Remotely Control Photography

It has remote control photography, and you can take pictures whenever while wearing it.


The compatibility of this tracker is with android phones that have an above 4.0 connection or iOS connection above 8.0.

Who Should Buy This Tracker?

This tracking device is excellent for those users who need accurate heart rate and sleep monitor. With this device, you will have wrist based sensors to monitor the heart rate with utmost accuracy.

It is a rudimentary tracker that will give you a summary of your daily activities. However, it doesn’t offer high-end features like Fitbit or other popular trackers.

Why We Like It

  • It will show the notifications of calls, texts, and social media from the phone. You will not miss any call, and it will show the caller ID on the watch face too.
  • It is convenient to charge with any USB charger. You don’t need to connect your own charger with it for charging specifically. It is compatible with a power bank for charging.
  • This tracker has automatic tracking for certain activities. You will know how much distance is covered while walking and how many steps were taken. It also counts the burnt calories.
  • It has Bluetooth technology, and you can pair it with android or iOS devices. You can easily download the application on the phone for connecting it, and you will have other smart features in the app.
  • The tracker comes with various functions, and you will have a report of your health and sports activities.
  • It shows the date and time on the screen and vibrates when you are having any incoming calls on the phone.

Why We Don’t Like It

  • It has limited water resistance technology, and you can wear it while washing the hands. This tracker will damage if you use it while swimming.
  • Some users had connectivity issues while using this tracker’s application. You might face trouble while using the Bluetooth technology of the tracker. However, you can troubleshoot if there is any complicated issue occurring while pairing the tracker with the smartphone.
  • You will not have any online support with this tracker. Therefore, you will have difficulty while using the tracker with its Bluetooth connection. Solving the issues on your own will be frustrating sometimes.

Specifications Of Juboury Fitness Tracker

  • Strap material: TPU
  • Battery life: 5 to 10 days (lithium polymer battery 90mAh) and 2 hours charging time
  • OLED screen with a touch interface of 0.96 inches
  • Not water resistant completely
  • Suitable for the wrist size of 5.3 to 7.6 inches
  • Heart rate monitor 24/7
  • Sleep monitor
  • Smartphone compatibility

Alternative Of Juboury Fitness Tracker

The alternative to juboury is the letscom fitness tracker. In fact, you will find better features in the letscom tracker.


Does Juboury Fitness Tracker Have GPS Connection?

Yes, it has an active GPS connection. You will have the distance and pace monitor, and it will show the right direction.

How Much Time Does The Juboury Tracker Require To Charge Completely?

It will take 1 to 2 hours for complete charging. Besides, this tracker has a USB port, and you can conveniently charge it with any port of power bank or laptop.

What Feature Makes The Juboury Fitness Tracker Worth Buying?

It comes with GPS technology, a heart rate monitor, and a sleep tracker, which makes juboury worth buying.

The Final Verdict

All in all, this tracker isn’t the best option but not even the worse. You will have the basic features of a tracking device. However, if you are a swimmer, then it is not the ideal tracker for you.

Apart from that, you will have a great connectivity option, and it has convenient charging technology. You can enhance your lifestyle with this tracker, and it is excellent for monitoring your sleep and heart rate 24/7.

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