Letscom Fitness Tracker Vs Fitbit – Which Option is Best?

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Do you have confusion about choosing between the letscom vs Fitbit trackers? Well, we will help in an excellent way after comparing the features to make your decision accurate. Also, you will be able to choose a device that can pay off the best value for its price.

Comparison of The Letscom Vs Fitbit Trackers

Letscom Vs Fitbit which one is best

Let us compare some of the essential features of the Fitbit trackers and the letscom smartwatch. We will discuss the following features:

Crucial Features

  1. Activity Tracking
  2. Heart Rate Monitoring
  3. Sleep Tracking
  4. GPS
  5. Alarm
  6. Smart Notifications
  7. Move Reminder
  8. Water-Resistant

Activity Tracking

Activity tracking is the most crucial feature to look upon while buying a tracker. You will have the step-counting technology in the Fitbit and letscom trackers. The tracker will be monitoring the running, biking, and walking.

You must keep in mind that the tracker will be monitoring the activities with the movements of the legs and arm. However, the tracker will be monitoring the activity even when you are pushing a stroller. You will have the most accurate step count when your arms are not holding or moving any other thing.

While comparing the letscom and Fitbit, you will not have the step count during stair climbing. You will find the letscom and Fitbit tracker to start and stop counting the steps with the one press of button only. Best of all, the trackers have the auto-detection of the steps. So you don’t have to always use the button to start or stop the step count.

Winner: Tie

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Heart Rate Monitoring

The next feature that we are going to compare between the trackers of Fitbit and letscom is heart rate monitoring. You will have the trackers with the HRM to find your heart rate peak and low rate. Also, you will have intensive workout monitoring technology.

In fact, the heart rate monitoring technology will appear on the screen by pressing the button onthe menu on the screen. It will show the heart rate time that is going on in reality. Best of all, you will have an option to indicate the different zones, such as cardio and peak. Also, you will have a secondary screen display to see the resting heart rate in the Fitbit tracker. However, both devices have this feature, so it’s a tie between them.

Winner: Tie

Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking is done by the detection of your movements. For instance, the brands of the Fitbit and letscom will provide you this feature. However, you will not get much accuracy in monitoring sleep with the letscom tracker. Therefore, the letscom tracker lags behind Fitbit in this feature.

Best of all, you will have the sleep stage monitor with the Fitbit tracker. Also, there are four categories to monitor sleep. You will have a light, deep, REM, and awake monitor with the Fitbit tracker. Another drawback of the letscom tracker, in this case, is that it will reset the data after 12 hours, and you will not be able to compare your sleep with the previous day.

Winner: Fitbit


GPS monitoring technology is quite useful when you have to use the tracker while doing other cardio activities. For instance, this feature is only present in the letscom tracker. Fitbitalta doesn’t have the onboard sensor to provide the GPS. You have to connect the phone to use the GPS feature with the letscom and Fitbit tracker.

Also, the letscom and Fitbit tracker come with a great display of the routes, and you will have stats of time, pace, calories, and distance.

Winner: Tie

Call & Message Display

The call and message feature is essential because it will not let you miss any important call or message when you do not have the phone in your hand.

Also, you will have the trackers of Fitbit and letscom to notify your notifications from the social media apps. Best of all, you will silently have the notifications with the vibrating alarm with the letscom and Fitbit Alta.

However, the trackers have a small display, so you have to scroll down to check the messages. Besides, you will get the letscom and Fitbit tracker to respond back to the texts as well.

You will have social media notifications from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other apps. However, the Fitbit charge will be perfect if you want to reply to the notifications because the Alta tracker will not provide you with this feature.

Winner: Letscom


The alarm feature is necessary when you want to have alerts for the tasks and notifications from the phone. The silent alarm feature is present in the letscom and Fitbit tracker. You will have a reminder alarm, but it will be silent.

You will not be disturbing others with your alarm. This feature is also present in the Fitbit and letscom tracker. Both devices contain effective alarms, and you can easily set them up with their own applications.

Winner: Tie

Move Reminders

The moving reminder is an important feature. You will know that how many steps you took in a day. Also, it will let you complete the daily goals. You will get this feature in the letscom and Fitbit tracker as well. Both trackers have the notifying feature, and you will have alerts on the screen as well. For instance, you will know how many goals of the day are left to complete.

Winner: Tie

Water Resistance

Another important feature to compare is the water-resistant technology. Both trackers have water-resistant technology, but you cannot use the Fitbitalta while swimming. On the other hand, the letscom tracker is submerged in the water.

The letscom tracker has a water resistance rating of IP67. In addition, you will have the letscom tracker, great for use while swimming. It will not be damaged even if it is about 3′ deep in water. However, we do not recommend wearing any of your watches while swimming or washing the dishes.

You can go with any other model of Fitbit if you need a water-resistant tracker.

Winner: Letscom

Battery & Charging

In terms of battery life, we recommend choosing the letscom tracker. It comes with a detachable wristband and a watch’s face. You will have a USB connection, and you can get it charged with the computer. Plus, it comes with a charger.

On the other hand, the Fitbit tracker comes with a unique charging cable. You have to carry it along while traveling. You will have quick charging for both devices in just 2 hours.

The battery of life of these trackers will last for seven days. On the other hand, the battery will be indicated if it is low from both these brands.

Winner: Letscom

Design & Display

The display of letscom is not that bad. You will have a flexible wrist band of silicone material. Plus, the tracker’s band will be monitoring the heart rate quite accurately. Besides, you can choose the Fitbitalta to have a better display. It comes with an OLED display. The display will be very bright and convenient to use.

Also, you can adjust the screen brightness. And the good news? You will have a visible display in the sunlight as well. The display of Fitbit is large, up to 1.4 inches than letscom.

Winner: Fitbit

Ease of Use

Last but not least, we are considering the ease of use among the letscom and Fitbit Alta. You will have the letscom tracker with a somehow difficult interface. But the Fitbit trackers have large fonts, and they have quite a visible display to view all the stats easily.

And the good news? The tracker will come will be easier to operate without even reading the manual of Fitbit. In contrast, you have to do some practice to get your hands comfortable on the letscom.

Winner: Fitbit

The Conclusion

All in all, you have seen that Fitbitalta contains much better specs than the letscom fitness tracker. Though the Fitbit trackers are pricey, they are worth buying. The tracker will be the best option because it is providing a wide range of features. As well, you will have an amazing feature of sleep tracking.

And the good news? The letscom tracker is great for those users who don’t want to track their sleep. The letscom tracker comes with the perfect tracking of steps and several other activities. Also, you will have the most accurate heart rate tracking with this device.

Therefore, you have to make the final choice after considering the features of both trackers. You will have the Fitbit tracker at a little bit high price. Go with letscom if you need an affordable tracker.

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