Letscom Vs Lintelek – Which Tracker Is Better Option For You?

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In our guide of letscom vs lintelek, you will know about two unique trackers. Plus, the trackers are at an affordable price, but you will get top-notch features.

For instance, the letscom is a Chinese brand with low-priced trackers, Bluetooth headphones, and many other electronic devices. Several people can’t distinguish between the trackers of letscom and Fitbit because of their similarities. On the other side, lintelek is gaining popularity due to its accuracy in tracking several activities.

We will discuss the lintelek tracker that comes ata low cost as well. You will have several outstanding features in it. If you are concerned about picking between the two affordable trackers to monitor your activities, we are here to assist. Read the guide till the end. You will be easily able to distinguish between the features.

Without any ado, let’s move onto the physical features of these trackers

Features Of The Letscom Vs Lintelek

Both trackers come with the monitoring of several activities. For instance, it will monitor the steps, burnt calories, sleep quality, distance, heart rate, and much more. But the outstanding feature in the letscom and lintelek tracker is the sedentary alerts. You will have a tracker with silent alerts. Therefore, you won’t miss any message, call, or other notification from the social media accounts.

For instance, the lintelek tracker has a sleep monitor, and you will long battery life with both trackers. This tracker is also supported with the application of veryfitpro, and it is compatible with phones that have android 4.4 or above software.

Letscom Fitness Tracker

Letscom Fitness Tracker

Additional Features Of Letscom Fitness Tracker

  • GPS connection
  • Multi-sport modes
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Auto heart rate monitor
  • IP67 waterproof technology
  • Goal completing alerts
  • Wrist sense
  • Sedentary alerts
  • Touchscreen switch
  • Display for time and date
  • Health data share
  • Wrist sense
  • OLED display

Lintelek Fitness Tracker

Lintelek Fitness Tracker

Additional Features Of Lintelek Fitness Tracker

  • Sedentary alerts
  • Wider compatibility
  • Adjustable strap
  • Fashionable design
  • Multi-fitness tracking
  • Heart rate monitoring

Essential Physical Features of The Trackers

1.  Style Of The Trackers

These similar trackers come with an amazing design, and they are quite fashionable. You will have a thin strap yet comfortable material. Moreover, you will have a tracker that is convenient to wear for a long time. Best of all, you will have wrist tracker sensors to monitor the activities accurately. The weight of the letscom tracker is 18 grams, while the lintelek tracker is 23 grams.

Style Of The Trackers

Winner: Letscom

2.  Software

Both trackers will be syncing the data automatically. You will have a tracker to store the important exercising data. Moreover, the trackers come with wireless sync data, and you can easily convert the other devices’ data. Both these devices have the sync auto feature. Moreover, you will have compatibility of the tracker with android 4.4 or above and ios 7.1 or above.

Winner: Tie

3.  3rd Party App Integration

The trackers are compatible with third-party apps. You will have more features in your tracker. Also, you will have a link to other apps to monitor your health in a better way. After linking the tracker with the third-party apps, you will have a healthier lifestyle, and it will help you to stay in shape.

You can use the letsfit application with the letscom and veryfitpro application with the lintelek tracker. However, the verfitpro application is much more beneficial. You will be able to monitor the heart rate peak and low rate.

Winner: Lintelek

4.  Activity Detection

The tracker’s basic feature is activity detection. This feature is present in both trackers. You will have the detection of the activities with quite an accuracy. For instance, you will have data for walking and running with both these trackers. Apart from that, the tracker will detect the movements based on your HR as well.

Winner: Tie

5.  Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking is another most used feature by most fitness freaks. This feature is useful, and it should be present in your device so you can monitor your sleeping pattern and routine. In addition, you will be able to work on your sleeping pattern. It is crucial to get 8 hours of sleep every day to live a healthy lifestyle.

Also, you will have automatic sleep tracking with the lintelek and letscom trackers. The main thing to look at in a tracker is auto or manual sleep tracking. Auto sleep tracking is a better option because sometimes you can forget to turn on the sleep tracking mode.

Advanced Sleep Metrics

The sleep metrics will be present in a tracker, and you will be able to record the quality of sleep. The tracker will tell how many hours you slept. Also, you will know for how much time you were awake in the meantime.

Furthermore, you will have a tracker that can tell whether you were in light or deep sleep. The letscom and lintelek tracker will monitor the sleep duration, stages, and pattern.

Winner: Tie

6.  Smart Notifications, Reminders And Alarm

The alarm feature is present in the lintelek and letscom tracker. You will have alerts to complete the daily goals. Also, you will have a reminder for waking you up when the goals are not done in a day. You will not forget to do the daily activities.

Plus, the alarm will be silent, and you will have alerts in the form of vibration, so it doesn’t disturb others. Best of all, you will have smart notifications on your device. The device would alert you if you had any notification on the social media accounts.

Winner: Tie

7. Heart Rate Tracking

Heart rate tracking should be a must, no matter which tracker you are buying. You will find the letscom and lintelek tracker with the HRM feature.

Both of the trackers have this amazing feature. You will have optical automatic heart rate tracking. In addition, you will have an indicator for knowing the changes in your heart rate. This feature can indicate your health and fitness level.

Heart Rate TrackingHeart Rate Tracking

Winner: Tie

8.  Music Player Feature

The Music player is required by those users who want to stay concentrated while working out. This feature is present only in the letscom tracker. You will have advanced trackers in the market with this feature. However, lintelek doesn’t support music player.

Winner: Letscom

9.  Display of The Trackers

The display of the tracker is one of the most important features. You won’t be able to see your performance easily if the display is not clear. The trackers come with a touchscreen, and you will be able to navigate from the touchscreen easily. Also, the trackers have adjustable screen brightness.

The screen of the tracker will show several kinds of information from the heart rate, steps, time, goals, smart notifications, and more. However, the always-on feature of the display will drain a lot of battery.

The lintelek or letscom tracker doesn’t have a coloured display. Both come with a white and black display, but you will have access to a touchscreen.

Winner: Tie

10. Battery Timing

The battery life of the trackers will be varying as per the brand. Surprisingly the trackers of lintelek and letscom come with similar battery life. You will have coin cell batteries with the trackers, and they are rechargeable.

Also, you will have no hassle replacing the batteries and pay extra after a few months to use the tracker. Additionally, you will have a USB cable to recharge the tracker easily. Not only that, you will have the ten days battery timing with both trackers.

Plus, the trackers are rechargeable as well. You will rarely find affordable trackers with such long battery life. Even the Fitbit trackers come with a battery life of a week only. Do not charge the tracker overnight if you want to have the most accurate sleep metrics every day.

In terms of battery, letscom and lintelek are not comparable at all.

Concluding Thoughts

Fellows, you saw the comparison of the two most reasonably priced trackers. You will choose between them easily after knowing about all their specs and features in detail. We recommend you choose any tracker if you need an entry-level tracker.

Besides, the trackers are ideally made to track the steps, resting heart rate, and low-intensity workout sessions. Moreover, you will have a comfortable band that doesn’t irritate the skin at all. Both these trackers are pretty similar in appearance.

One of the most amazing features in these two trackers of letscom and lintelek is the long battery life of 10 days. Indeed, you are getting all the features of the top-notch brands in this tracker but at a much low price.

Comment below which tracker you are going to buy and why did you choose it. We’d love to know about it.

Thanks for the read.

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