NewYouDirect Smartwatch Activity Tracker Review – 24/7 Tracking

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The newyoudirect smartwatch activity tracker review will tell the details that you need to know before buying it. With the advancement in technology of fitness trackers, they are becoming popular because of their affordable price, versatility, and convenience of use.

However, it is proven that a physically fit person will not have poor medical conditions. Therefore, you should have a fitness tracker to improve the fitness and lifestyle. Moreover, you will be able to compare your performance from the previous day.

Transition in health will not occur immediately. You have to work on the fitness level, get proper rest, and eat healthily for the overall improving health. For beginners, newyoudirect is the best smartwatch to buy.

NewYouDirect Smartwatch Activity Tracker Review 2021

If you need a monitor that can tell you about the sleep hours and calories burnt to improve the fitness level, then newyoudirect is the ideal option to buy. In fact, it will work like a coach and reminds the wearer to complete the daily activities. And the best part? It is lightweight and convenient to use.

NewYouDirect Smartwatch Activity Tracker Review


It has an OLED touchscreen display of 0.96 inches. Moreover, the quality of the watch is excellent, and it has a bright display. It has the most convenient user interface, and the screen will be visible in bright light. It has a thin strap of comfortable material that is convenient to wear all day and night.

Heart Rate Monitor

It has a heart rate monitor with accurate tracking. You will have real-time heart rate tracking, and it tells the average and peak heart rate too. You will have the data collection of the heart rate for the whole day, and it will present in the form of a graph. When you work out, the tracker will show the heart rate and update it every five minutes.

Step Counter And Calorie Counter

This tracker will count the steps while you are walking, running, or trekking. Besides, you will have accurate step counting while pushing a cart or stroller. This tracker has a calorie counter to make you aware of how many calories are burnt and taken.

Furthermore, you can improve your fitness level, and it will help you motivate yourself to complete your daily goals. You will know how much time you spent sitting idle in a day.

Sleep Tracking

This tracking will provide a sleep tracker, and you will know your quality and hours of sleep. You can get back into the sleeping routine with this tracker. It will tell how much time you were in a deep sleep at night.

Records Daily Activities

You can record your daily activities with this tracker. You will have a built-in GPS, and it will show the routes. Moreover, you will have 24/7 activity monitoring, and it will conveniently help the user to have a better lifestyle and fitness level.

Mobile Application

You will have the vertfitpro app with this tracker, and it is available to download from the play store and app store. This tracker has a customizable clock face, and you will have the other useful features downloadable from the application.

This tracker has personalized modes for sports, and you can conveniently connect your smartphone with it. Furthermore, it has compatibility with Android phones who have 4.4 or above software, and iOS with 7.1 and above. Best of all, it is compatible with the iPod and iPad.

Once you connect the watch with the phone, you will have various customizable options.


  • Wireless Bluetooth sleep monitor
  • Step counter
  • Sleep tracker
  • Daily activity counter
  • Mobile app
  • Rubber adjustable band
  • OLED touchscreen of 0.96 inches
  • Built-in GPS technology
  • VeryFitPro application
  • Accurate step counter
  • Great design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • One year warranty period
  • It comes with a free application
  • Tracks various activities
  • Compatible with iOS and Android phones
  • Sleep tracking
  • Heart rate monitor
  • It doesn’t have a customizable menu
  • You will not have a charging cable
  • No music controlling features like other fitness trackers

Alternative of NewYouDirect Watch

If you are looking for an alternative to a newyoudirect watch, then wesoo is the best option to buy. This tracker has many similar features to the newyoudirect watch. More than that, it has the cardio fitness tracking score, idle sitting time alerts, and shows notifications from the phone.

Furthermore, the wesoo tracker has accurate step monitoring, and you can easily track your progress. It comes with a convenient fitness tracking function. You will have excellent fitness band tracking, and it will help to enhance your fitness and lifestyle.


Is Newyoudirect Activity Tracker Great For Enhancing The Fitness?

This fitness tracker is offering versatile features, and you will have accuracy in monitoring all-day activities. Furthermore, it will record how many calories were burnt, and you will know about your sleep quality. This tracker will record the activities of the whole day, and you can easily progress by knowing the performance of the previous day.

Does Newyoudirect Watch Have Any Application?

The newyoudirect watch has a great application, and you will have a convenient way of transferring the data on your phone. It comes with the visual appearance of the graph that you can read and understand easily.

Which Is The Best Feature Of Newyoudirect Smartwatch?

This smartwatch will track sleep. You will know the sleep quality in a light and deep monitoring function. Best of all, it has a compact and lightweight design so you can wear it 24/7 quickly.

To Sum Up

All in all, the newyoudirect smart watch activity tracker features incredible features. Though, it doesn’t have the high-end features that will fulfill the requirement of triathletes. Besides, it comes with a sleep tracker and tells the accurate sleep quality.

It has a heart rate monitor that works precisely. However, it doesn’t have waterproof technology. But you will have all the basic features that will monitor your everyday activities.

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