How to Set up Letscom Fitness Tracker? – [Unboxing & Guide]

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To let the smartwatch assess your activity accurately, it is necessary to learn how to set up letscom fitness tracker? Which app should be synced to it? Is it necessary to charge it fully before using it for the first time?

How we use different modes in it? What are the benefits of the app? Each and everything is clearly explained for your help. Let us start!

How To Setup Letscom Fitness Tracker

It takes a few minutes to set up you’re your fitness tracker. The step-by-step process of setting the watch is given to inform you about how to set up the letscom fitness tracker.

Unbox the Fitness Tracker

First of all, unbox your fitness tracker. There is a smartwatch, its band, and a manual of 18 pages present in it for a complete step-by-step guide for charging, connecting it to the mobile device, about the app.

Letscom Fitness Tracker

Different tips for increasing its durability are also mentioned in it.

Charge it Fully

Before installation, charge your laptop for up to 2 hours so you can give your watch a good start, then use your newly bought watch freely with full excitement. You can charge it by inserting its pin into the USB port of the laptop directly.

If a red light lightens, it means that the fitness tracker has started charging. When your watch is completely charged, then a battery icon will show it. Please remove it from the charging then.

Fix Fitness Tracker in its Band

Fix it in the watch band that is also present in the fitness tracker’s box; make sure that the watch’s side, which has a  button, coincides with the fitness band’s hole side.

The top side of the watch must connect to the fitness tracker’s band, fit it well in its place for accurate working.

Make Your Account

Now turn on your watch and make your account. It will demand your gender, age, height, and weight. It may be hectic for some people to make an account, but it is very beneficial because it helps you reach your goal.

Many websites sent an email and gave you different suggestions for reaching your goals and what you need to improve that will also appear on your watch screen.

Install The App

All smartwatches launch different apps also. You can download them from the app store. After installing, connect your smartwatch to the mobile app. It will give you remedies and tips for more fitness.

The app will inform you about many other things, and the amalgam of both app and watch results will let you achieve your ideal weight, height, etc.

Veryfitpro Mobile App

Letscom has created this app for use with their fitness tracker. The best benefit is that it is easy to read your activity assessment from the mobile.  You must have a complete understanding of how to set up a fitness tracker and how to use the very fit pro mobile app.

At the bottom of the main app page, there is five option detail of which is given below.

1. Mainpage

When you press it, the main page will open, containing all information about your whole day activity, step counts, walk time, miles covered, how many hours you slept, and sleep pattern.

2. Details

This option contains the information of all previous weeks, months. You can see any month’s activity by just swiping pages.

3. Device Button

It gives you how your mobile is interacting with a fitness watch. When you receive a call or message, a notification will appear on the watch screen. Similarly, when a clock rings, your wat also rings and gives you a notification.

4. User Button

It stores different information about you and the number of steps you may take today, and what are your preferences

5. Gaint Orange Plus Button

It gives you three options. Choosing the first option means you can count steps, hikes, etc. The second option will let you assess badminton activities, yoga, and mountain climbing.

The third option will let you measure your weight. So choose the option that you want to choose and assess your health.

Connect Both Devices

In the end, connect both devices by Bluetooth; first of all, go to the setting of your mobile phone, go to the Bluetooth setting and switch it on.

Now press the watch button for a few seconds; it will some in pairing mode. Now your fitness tracker will appear in the list of available devices. Select it, and both devices will be synced.

Now your fitness tracker is ready for use. So wear it and do any activity it will show you different things. Its screen shows you battery, time, Bluetooth status, and steps.

Letscom fitness tracker has a different mode that you can see by pressing the button present at its side.  Few modes are following.

Step Mode

It will show how much time you walked, steps count, calories burned, and miles covered.

Heart Rate

Herat rate will show your heartbeat per minute.  Immediately concern a doctor if the heart rate is not equal to normal heart rate and take medicine.

Alarm Mode

It will inform you about your future alarm that you can disable with a smartwatch, but you have to use your mobile phone to set a new alarm.

Final Words

After the following few steps, you will be able to set up your watch. First of all, unbox it and charge it fully. Now fix the watch in its care by following the instructions given in the manual.

Then download the letscom app on your mobile phone, which complete information is given above. Then pair both devices and start using. Now you can assess our fitness by moile weekly, monthly, and yearly.

We hope you have completely learned how to set up the letscom fitness tracker and how to use it.

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