Toobur Fitness Tracker Review – is It Worth Purchasing?

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In our detailed toobur fitness tracker review, you will know what features it is offering and who should buy it. Indeed, a tracker is necessary nowadays for those who want to monitor their everyday activities. The toobur company offers all the features that other high-end tracker companies offer at a 3x higher price.

You will find toobur an excellent tracker that is suitable for all age groups. Best of all, it has an affordable price, and you can gift this to the kid who is conscious about health. The tracking feature of the toobur is entirely accurate.

We’ll have a closer look at the toobur fitness tracker with its pros and cons.

Toobur Fitness Tracker Review

Toobur Fitness Tracker Review 2021

This activity tracker will record various activities, including steps, distance, calories, and workout time. Moreover, you will know how much time was spent idle in a day.

Design And Band

This tracker has a slim design, and you will have high-quality band material. Furthermore, it has an adjustable design wristband. Also, kids can wear it quickly, who are above 8. The band has a flexible material, and it has TPU construction.

Toobur Fitness Tracker

This watch doesn’t have any harmful material that can hurt kids. And that’s not all, and you will have the most comfortable tracker that will monitor several activities of the day.

Step Counter And Calorie Counter

This tracker has an all-day step counter, and you will have the most accurate calorie counter. Besides, this tracker will count the calories, and you can view it on your smartphone easily.

Auto Sleep Monitor

This auto sleep monitoring tracker has an alarm ad sleep monitor. The user will know for how many hours you slept at night.

Vibrating Alarm Clock

Besides, it has a silent alarm, and that will not disturb others. You will wake up with vibration quickly.

Built-In USB Interface And Long Battery Life

With this tracker, you will have an extra charging cable, and it has a built-in USB charger that makes the charging convenient. Best of all, it has a quick charging option of 1 to 2 hours. You will have a battery life of 7 days. However, the tracker’s battery life will depend on the usage of the modes at a time.

Free App

This tracker supports a free application, and you will have a convenient view of all the exercises. Besides, this tracker has incredible simple functions, and you will have a well-designed convenient application to use.


This tracker’s compatibility is wide, and you will have the compatibility of 4.4 or above android devices. But with the iOS devices, it will work with above 8.0 software.

Remote Camera Capture

The smart tracker has a remote camera capturing feature, and you will have the best option to capture the moments while going anywhere.

Calls And SMS Alert

Best of all, it has SMS and call alerts, and you will quickly find a way of checking the notifications while doing exercise.

Waterproof Technology

It does not have the IP68 waterproof rating, which ensures that this tracker will only be splashed. Toobur will not damage by the splash of water, and you can wear it while washing hands.

  • Comfortable and lightweight fitness tracker
  • Veryfitpro application for syncing the data
  • The battery life of 7 days
  • Various tracking features
  • This tracker doesn’t have to disable the option for Bluetooth.
  • No GPS tracking

Alternative of Toobur Fitness Tracker

If you are looking for an alternative to a toobur fitness tracker, you can go with the Fitbit. However, Fitbit is twice expensive as the toobur tracker. You will have the same features in the Fitbit tracker models but with a higher price tag. This tracker has a similar look to the Fitbit ace 2.

Unfortunately, it is worth it to buy an expensive tracker for a kid still. If you want an alternative to toobur, then we recommend going with any Fitbit models.

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  • 1 oz lightweight tracker
  • Bluetooth technology
  • 7 days battery life and USB built-in charger
  • Supported app
  • iOS and Android compatibility
  • TPU band material
  • Built-in user interface
  • All-day step counter

Frequently Asked Question’s

Which is The Best Feature of The Toobur Fitness Tracker?

The best feature of the toobur fitness tracker is the long battery life. You will have long battery life, and it will help you monitor various activities of the day. Best of all, you will have an accurate pedometer. It will count the steps while running, walking, hiking, and trekking. However, the steps counting will start when you start walking for ten minutes.

How Can I Change The Date And Time On Toobur Fitness Tracker?

The date and time on the toobur fitness tracker are convenient to set up. You need to pair the tracker with a smartphone, and then you have to change the time and date from the app.

Is Toobur Fitness Tracker Waterproof Completely?

No, the toobur fitness tracker is not waterproof completely. You cannot wear it while swimming or taking showers.

Will The Toobur Fitness Tracker Fit On A Kid’s Wrist?

Yes, the toobur fitness tracker will conveniently fit on a kid’s wrist because it has buckle-type fitting. Though adults can use wear it comfortably as well because of adjustable strap fitting.

How Can I Pair The Toobur Fitness Tracker With Other Devices For Syncing?

You can pair the toobur fitness tracker by download the veryfitpro application on your iOS or Android device. Ensure that you have charged the tracker before connecting it. You will not have any difficulty while paring the tracker with any smartphone.

To Sum Up

All in all, the toobur fitness tracker has excellent quality. This tracker has wider compatibility and free support of an app. And that’s not all, and you will have the best value for its price. The company offers the best customer care service, and you will have great controls and convenient settings.

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