Why Fitbit Not Syncing? – Fix The Common Issues of Fitness Trackers

Last Updated on June 27, 2021 by James David

Well, after a recent update, several users have been complaining about why Fitbit not syncing with another device? So, are you stuck with this issue of Fitbit tracker too? We are here to guide you and resolve the syncing issues. Below we’ll have mentioned some of the common reasons that have stopped Fitbit syncing to your phone.

Why Fitbit Not Syncing With Any Device?

Follow the 9 steps below to resolve the problem of Fitbit syncing with your iOS device. The following steps are essential for iOS users to read, to fix the bug issues immediately.

  1. Are you using a new phone, laptop, or another device? You need to disconnect your Fitbit tracker from the previous one. Discard the Fitbit watch from your previous phone, laptop, or tablet, Bluetooth connection. Fitbit devices are only pair-able with one device at a time.
  2. Do you need to check that is there any other device attached to your Fitbit? Might any of your family member has connected it with their phone or tablet.
  3. After disconnecting from the previous devices, pair it with one device, and sync one of your photos. Press sync now.
  4. Your Fitbit device should have more than 60 percent of the battery. Try charging your Fitbit if the battery is low and sync it again.
  5. Are there any pending updates from Fitbit? Consider updating the device.
  6. If it is still not syncing the data, consider restarting the device. However, you will not lose any of your data if you restart the Fitbit device.
  7. Force end the Fitbit application on your phone, laptop, tablet, computer, etc. And now you have to sync the data again, give it a try.
  8. You need to forget the Fitbit device from your Bluetooth of the phone. Now open the application of Fitbit and wait for a response. You will receive a message to pair the Fitbit with your phone again.
  9. Lastly, accept the request and pair it again with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Fitbit App

A lot of Fitbit users have solved the syncing issues by installing the Fitbit app again. You have to restart the Fitbit app on your phone by closing it forcefully. After that, you have to open the Fitbit app again on the phone.

After opening the Fitbit app, you have to connect the Fitbit with the phone and make sure that the range of connection is short. Moreover, you will see the progress of connecting on the corner that will tell you whether Fitbit is connected with your phone or not?

Fitbit App

However, if the app is not working still, you have to re-install the app from the play store or app store.

Besides, you will not lose any data from your Fitbit app if you have uninstalled it. The previous sync will remain in your Fitbit account.


Several users face syncing issues because they have not updated their app. You have to update the app from the play store or app store and then try syncing. The updates for your account on the Fitbit app are necessary because it will fix all the bug issues.

Rather, you have an iOS phone or Android phone, and you need to update the app of Fitbit. The Fitbit updates are available on the app store and play store as well. You need to check that there is any pending update or not?

Other than that, you need to keep your phone updated as well; if your phone is not updated, there will be several bug issues interrupting in between. You can update the iOS phone by following steps:

  1. Open the settings
  2. Click on general settings
  3. Scroll below, and you will find software updates
  4. Update the software

Reboot The Device

One of the simplest ways to fix the bug issues is by rebooting the Fitbit device. It is easy to reboot the Fitbit device, and it will start working again properly. It is similar to unplug a device and plug-in again. If you are still facing any syncing issues, then you have to follow any other method that we have mentioned in our guide.

Check The Bluetooth Connection

Have you tried to connect the Bluetooth again? If not, then turn off the Bluetooth connection and pair it again. Sometimes there is a poor connection with the Bluetooth connection that stops the Fitbit app from working properly.

Now you need to unpair the Bluetooth connection with its paired device. After that, you need to pair the phone with a Bluetooth connection again. So if you don’t know how to unpair the Fitbit, follow the steps that we have mentioned below:

How To Unpair The Fitbit?

Here are the simple steps for the iOS users to unpair the Fitbit and pair it again.

  • Open the setting/ general settings.
  • Go to connections
  • Select the Bluetooth connection
  • Tap on Fitbit device
  • Scroll below and unpair the Fitbit device or click on forget this network

Try connecting the Bluetooth through your Fitbit app to ensure a secure connection, and you need to connect the Fitbit when it is closer in range.

To Sum Up

Indeed, the Fitbit versa is the best fitness tracker in the market, but the recent update has created inconvenience among several Fitbit users. Hopefully, the Fitbit company will ponder the syncing issues and come back with improved updates. Meanwhile, you can try the above simple methods to solve syncing issues.

As you read above, the easy and popular techniques to resolve the why Fitbit not syncing issues of your Fitbit device. Now you can get back to your fitness routine and monitor your daily activities. Yet, if there is still any problem occurring with Fitbit syncing, you can comment in the below section to solve it.

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